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No, but it comes with your choice of flavoured frozen yoghurt.

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It’s a chocofi.

CTGAP on the base layer, and 6 layers on top of it, using a heavily modified version of Miryoku.

Most of the keycaps are correct, just for different layers. It helps prevent key peeking, plus I like the cursed aesthetic.

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DOTA2 turbo mode, done in 20-30 minutes, and the try bards that take the mode serious are hilarious

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DE wars? Get off my lawn sonny, before I chastise you for using vim.

Outsider9042 ,

A lot of good FOSS projects start off as a company’s internal tooling, which they release to the public. The main source of income is sometimes an entirely different product/service.

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Who told you to take Seroquel as a sleeping aid? I take it for mental illness reasons. Sure it knocks you out, but holy shit. I gave one to my partner who was having trouble sleeping one night, she woke me up to get me to ”make the clown go away”.

Definitely not to be used as a sleep aid.

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