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Lone wolf, no club, Informatiker, Künstler, vom Wind getriebener Außenseiter

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foone , to Random stuff
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I saw this voltmeter at the electronics flea market. Look at that massive probe! It looks like you need to check your back blast before using it.
Apparently it's for REALLY high voltages? Like, 3kV?

PeterKratz ,
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@foone Probably much more, I have one that is for the lower two digit KV range and it is much shorter.

foone , to Random stuff
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when I finally build my Workbench Keyboard, one of the weirder options I'm going to add is a way to paste pre-loaded text files from the onboard storage.

like you could have texts\serials\windows\win10.txt and you navigate to the that file and hit paste and it just types out the FCKGW- nonsense for you

PeterKratz ,
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@foone Why not print them out as barcodes and use a barcode-reader (one of those keyboard emulating ones) to just beep them in?

georgetakei , to Random stuff
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Sounds about right.

PeterKratz ,
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@georgetakei I'll opt for one of those retirement plans from Smith&Wesson, which you can still sign up for even when it is already too late.

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