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Not everyone has the same combination, comorbidities, or severity.

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Not just that it's a crapshoot, if you are taking other medications some meds are not possible because of potential drug interactions.

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You should not be allowed to do DMCA searches on words that are over two thousand years old.

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I mean, I understand you need to make money but if you choose to use the name of an ancient Greek Goddess as your trade name, you can't get exclusivity. You just can't.

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Still doing the Final Draft on Alan Wake 2 but might switch back to a replay of Spider-Man 2.

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All 3 of the current series. Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Spider-Man 2. The first one was released in 2019, I think.

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    Where does "Troi's mother comes to visit" fall?

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    The solution: Amnesty and citizenship. Screw this "Everyone must suffer trying to be here." They wanna be here. There are jobs for them. Just swear them in and forget all this bullshit.

    I’m a Luddite (and So Can You!) : What the Luddites can teach us about resisting an automated future. ( thenib.com )

    This comic goes over the political history of technology in the workforce, showing that even automation to reduce manual labor was introduced as class warfare against the laborers, and that sabotage, protests and legal action were needed to preserve worker's rights.

    The extensive and unconventional reach of Dan McQuillan’s Resisting AI - Transforming Society ( www.transformingsociety.co.uk )

    Dan McQuillan, author of 'Resisting AI' looks at how the publication of his book has helped move the AI discussion away from ‘is it good or bad?’ to the more radical and worrying aspects of the technology as it is being implemented, in terms of augmenting society’s existing disparities.

    More Than Television and Movies: AI, Art, and the Struggle for Humanity ( jaredyatessexton.substack.com )

    As social media breaks into splinters and conditions deteriorate in general, I want to ask once again for your support. A lot of what I detail in this article has already taken place in academia, which was at the forefront of this new, exploitative push, and having left the halls of higher education to provide analysis and work...

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    @mizzyc There's a checkmark for notifications. Go to your name in the top right, settings on the pulldown menu. It will be under the General tab.

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    Tumblr taught me a fun word for this. What we have here is the cat version of Moon Moon the Werewolf.

    Threads may actually hinder widespread adoption of the Fediverse ( kbin.social )

    Okay, so right now government agencies, schools, and small business often use Facebook or Twitter for their web presence rather than start their own websites. For a few days there, while Twitter had the login-wall up and was rate-limiting, we had some serious problems wtih Amber Alerts, weather notices, safety notices and other...

    Name the Fediverse -- A community for discussing what to call people using Lemmy, Kbin, Mastodon, other Fediverse services, groups of fediverse servers or the Fediverse in general. ( kbin.social )

    Because this question comes up so much in the Ask communities and there's always some disagreement, I've gone ahead and created a space to discuss it.

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    There's a BIRDING community?! subscribes

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    How do I see what magazines I'm subscribed to?

    I know how to see the THREADS that I'm subscribed to, but I haven't been able to find a list of subscriptions I have to check a magazine that I've forgotten the exact name of, or magazines that might be active but are getting crowded out by more active magazines, or inactive magazines that I want to just post to. Is this hidden somewhere?

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    Maybe they need to go back to school.

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