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Mismo avatar que en el tuiter, probablemente las mismas tontás. Si te gusta xkcd nos llevaremos bien. LGBTIQ friendly y bastante izquierdoso. Vivo en Madrid pero lo llevo bien. Tengo poca energía como para desperdiciarla tontamente.

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Can't believe they spent a gigawatt training GPT3 and the fucker isn't even trying to overthrow humanity.

Look, where I come from, if you burn a gigawatt of energy to make an AI, it had better damn well go skynet on you.

Variaxocellus ,
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@foone Alternatively, burning energy in that order of magnitude should propel you to the past while driving a retro version of a Cybertruck

foone , to Random stuff
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when I finally build my Workbench Keyboard, one of the weirder options I'm going to add is a way to paste pre-loaded text files from the onboard storage.

like you could have texts\serials\windows\win10.txt and you navigate to the that file and hit paste and it just types out the FCKGW- nonsense for you

Variaxocellus ,
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@foone Okay I'm not an expert but wouldn't it be faster and easier to install Windows 20 once?

georgetakei , to Random stuff
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An important reminder.

Variaxocellus ,
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@georgetakei I assume they don't take walk-ins

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