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:therian: Grey Wolf Therian, he/him, 30ish y.o.
Running packmates.org and yiffit.net fediverse instances.

:vlpn_happy_heart: Interests: Tech, therianthropy, furry/feral art, animal books, shamanism & animal-influenced spirituality, SFW & NSFW petplay

I sometimes post or boost NSFW content.

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Wander , (edited ) to Android
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The future of selfhosted services is going to be... Android?

Wait, what?

Think about it. At some point everyone has had an old phone lying around. They are designed to be constantly connected, constantly on... and even have a battery and potentially still a SIM card to survive power outages.

We just need to make it easy to create APK packaged servers that can avoid battery-optimization kills and automatically configure an outbound tunnel like ngrok, zerotrust, etc...

The goal: hosting services like , , !? should be as easy as installing an APK and leaving an old phone connected to a spare charger / outlet.

It would be tempting to have an optimized ROM, but if self-hosting is meant to become more commonplace, installing an APK should be all that's needed. can do SSH, VPN and other tunnels without the need for root, so there should be no problem in using tunnels to publicly expose a phone/server in a secure manner.

In regards to the suitability of home-grade broadband, I believe that it should not be a huge problem at least in Europe where home connections are most often unmetered: "At the end of June 2021, 70.2% of EU homes were passed by either FTTP or cable DOCSIS
3.1 networks, i.e. those technologies currently capable of supporting gigabit speeds."

Source: https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/library/broadband-coverage-europe-2021

PS. syncthing actually already has an APK and is easy to use. Although I had to sort out some battery optimization stuff, it's a good example of what should become much more commonplace.

cc: @selfhosted

Wander OP ,
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@selfhosted Update:

  1. Just to clarify, the the whole point is that Android makes it easy for less tech oriented people to host small single user / family services.

It does not need to be perfect, have massive throughput or allow for massive amounts of read/write cycles.

If people can host their own media server like Jellyfin or note taking apps like Joplin instead of using commercial services by simply installing an APK on an old phone they can leave connected at home, that's already a big win.

  1. Regarding device longevity, Android 13 apparently supports / will support full KVM emulation. Windows can be run if you have root while android based VMs are expected to be possible without the need for root. Since this type of virtualization allows VMs to run their own kernel, keeping the "server app" updated should allow the user to be protected even if the host OS is outdated as long as these server-app-VMs are trustworthy themselves.
Wander OP ,
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@leggylav @selfhosted OMG, yes, thank you <3

I finally feel understood now :vlpn_cry:

Wander OP ,
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@benjohn @selfhosted 6-8 GB of RAM with powerful CPU and GPU that was designed to run games and can in some cases run small AI models is nothing to scoff at imho.

Wander , to Random stuff
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Oh, look at that.

I don't know who mentioned this the other day, but I'm happy to see this is actually a thing now.

When an admin tries to block another whole instance it gives a summary of how many connections will be severed, which is good because domain blocks are a nuclear option. In this case it was warranted though since that instance openly allowed harassment.

Tutanota , (edited ) to Random stuff
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It's !

Time to remind everyone that a backdoor "for the good guys only" is simply not possible.

By demanding encryption backdoors, politicians are not asking us to choose between security and privacy. They are asking us to choose no security. 👇


Wander ,
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@Tutanota you simply can't but controlled selective access into math. It's as simple as that.

Wander , to Random stuff
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Nnnngh why am I so horny?

Please pet me!? I can do tricks for you and you pay me in milk bones and pets.

cc: @hornychat

Wander , (edited ) to Meta and Announcements
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Announcing status.packmates.org and status.yiffit.net

Heya everyone!
I've been mostly silent for some time, but it's all with good reason (I promise!)

Over the last few days I've spent a lot of time on server maintenance. Many of these changes will be invisible to you as users (such as getting a /48 ipv6 range, setting up SLAAC/DHCPv6, reviewing security and firewall rules, etc...)

But today I set up something that I can share: status pages!

Head over to:

(they're the same page actually, but the different domain is to make it easier to remember if you're a user of one site and not the other).

There's a slight caveat in that the status page is hosted on the hypervisor itself, so if that goes down, everything goes down but you'll at least know by not being able to load the status page itself!

Ideally I would host this somewhere external but we're not there yet. One day I hope to even have a server cluster for redundancy, but we'd have to host many more services to be able to justify this.

cc: @meta

Wander , to Privacy
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Quick question about DNS and DoH that I thought about after reading this post:


Wouldn't it make sense for Firefox or another third party to bundle and transparently forward all DoH requests to cloudflare so that:

A) Cloudflare doesn't know who made what request due to not knowing the origin

B) Firefox doesn't know who made what request due to TLS

CC: @privacyguides

Wander , to Random stuff
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In the wake of and controversy, I would like to highlight the existance of the approach.

Remember , ISPs being common carriers and them not meddling with the pages users want to see? This is similar.

Under a "remote neutral" approach each instance leaves the tight opinionated moderation policies to their own users users and the content their users generate or share with the aim of running a safe and welcoming instance for their members that's safe to federate with.

However, remote content is only moderated whenever there is a report and only blocked if it's straight out illegal to host / cache or constitute unsolicited spam/harassment. Otherwise objectionable remote content is limited at most and users can block it if they want.

I can't stress enough the benefits this has:

  1. It makes moderation feasible for small instances

  2. It does not fracture the fediverse unnecessarily

Wander , to Random stuff
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How I thought would impact me: "I have light asthma, so I better make sure I have my inhaler, do breathing exercises, monitor my O2 saturation. I know this will be hard on my lungs."

What it ended up being like:
"It's day four and the virus has already committed multi-generational genocide against my gut biome. Blood is running through the streets of gastrointestinal city, the nutrient absorption facilities have been shut down and everyone of its workers executed in cold blood. And I'm here sipping on glucose packets so I don't pass out during cramps and other traumatic happenings..." ( this was me yesterday )

I was even admitted to the hospital for half a day when I went for a consultation regarding possible complications and almost passed out.

I shudder thinking about the possibility of it having impacted my respiratory system in the same way.

Wander , to Fediverse
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Federated wireguard network idea
Any feedback welcome.

Let's keep things stupidly simple and simply hash the domain name to get a unique IPv6 ULA prefix.

Then we would need a stupidly simple backend application to automatically fetch pubkeys and endpoints from DNS and make a request to add each others as peers.

Et voilà, you got a worldwide federated wireguard network resolving private ULA addresses. Sort of an internet on top of the internet .

The DNS entries with the public IPv4 / IPv6 addresses could even be delegated to other domains / endpoints which would act as reverse proxy (either routing or nesting tunnels) for further privacy.

Maybe my approach is too naïve and there are flaws I haven't considered, so don't be afraid to comment.

Exact use cases? Idk, but it sounds nifty.

cc: @fediverse

Wander , to Random stuff
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We now have hourly snapshots / backups!

I'm happy to inform both packmates.org and yiffit.net users that both sites now benefit from the ZFS filesystem that the new server has been set up with.

I have implemented automated hourly snapshots for 24 hours + daily snapshots for 31 days. In theory they will only grow in size if there's actual changes to the disk of both VMs and I should be able to have enough space.

Furthermore, local snapshots are complemented by the daily offsite backups which allow us to recover even if the full server were to suddenly explode. Full backups are first created on the server itself and then copied offsite so that for a full week we have two independent copies of each day.

Depending on space usage I'll make sure to replicate the offsite repository so that there's two offsite copies for the last 31 days + 7 local copies. That would be 69 individual full backup files + snapshots.

I hope I'll have enough space with deduplication.

cc: @meta

Wander , to Random stuff
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What I've been busy with lately

About three weeks ago I started renting a new dedicated server which is going to host both packmates and yiffit very soon.

Because the server isn't hosting anything yet, I've taken the opportunity to play around and try out different configurations, including ZFS, LXC containers for small services, VLANs for better isolation ( which I did manage to get working ), wireguard tunnels, improved firewall rules, security groups, iGPU passthrough, etc...

Tomorrow I'll wipe the disks, install from scratch and make it production ready.

Then it should be as easy as loading a full backup from both yiffit and packmates to complete the migration ( but I'll announce this last step in due time).

Am excited wags :dogcited:

cc: @chat

Wander , to Random stuff
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I can see again!

My left eye is still red and halfway swollen but at least I can see again through both eyes.

Yesterday it was nearly impossible to use any electronic device due to eye strain.

On an unrelated note, I might change hosting providers for packmates and yiffit. Fortunately the migration (if it were to happen) would be as painless as importing a backup to the new server once the hypervisor is set up.

I also hope to be writing a few posts on Yiffit this afternoon regarding weekly discussions and overall thoughts/rules.

cc: @chat

Wander , to Showerthoughts
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Algorithm-based social media has normalized us putting up with blatant SPAM

Imagine if gmail or outlook were to place emails by 'creators and brands you might like' in your inbox!?

Following the process of entshittification, the algorithm on many social media platforms is becoming a tool to push blatant amounts of SPAM to users.

cc: @showerthoughts

Wander , to Random stuff
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Quick test to see if I can use Mastodon to upload gifs (by Ruaidri) [S]

Artist: Artist: https://furaffinity.net/user/ruaidri

cc: @yiff

Animation of a large anthro black wolf fucking a slim anthro vixen from behind.

Wander , to Random stuff
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Quick test to see if I can use Mastodon to host gifs (by Ruaidri) [S]

Artist: Artist: https://furaffinity.net/user/ruaidri

cc: @yiff

Animation of a large anthro black wolf fucking a slim anthro vixen from behind.

Wander , to Random stuff
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Fuck yeah: Be gay, save rights - Be trans, fight fascism

cc: @memes

Wander , to Random stuff
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If you're a user at Packmates or Yiffit, you should know that my current stance regarding is a precautionary defederation.

They'll probably launch with federation whitelist and I doubt they wouldn't defederate from us, but there's too many risks and unknowns right now.

I don't think as an admin I should limit everyone's ability to interact with threads just because they're a for-profit company, but there's some huge red flags in regards to data management and potential spam.

So, if anyone was wondering my stance, I'll place a precautionary domain block for now.

Once we have more info and/or they have started federating, I will start thinking about objective conditions that need to be fulfilled to remove the block. It won't be based on my hatred of corporations but actual criteria in regards to guaranteeing user security and health of the fediverse.

cc: @meta

Wander , to The furry fandom
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I logged in to Twitter this morning to see what the latest is about.

I'm increasingly convinced that the site is a nest of unknowing sadists who get their kicks from calling out and hurting other people using every fickle excuse they get.

The masochists are not their victims though. The masochists are those of us who keep scrolling through it.

Wander , to LGBTQ+
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TIL that there's a pride flag to represent queerness itself.

"Queer is an identity in and of itself that more and more people are choosing to identify with. It is a sort of label for those who don’t want to put themselves in a box. Often considered a movement, queer people are those who fall outside of and/or renounce the cultural norms around sexuality, gender identity, and/or gender expression.

The word queer can mean different things to different people, but the most accepted definition is someone who is not cishet or someone with variant experiences with orientation, gender, and/or sex."


cc: @lgbtq_plus

Wander , to Random stuff
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Hey ,

I have an idea for an implementation that I believe can give users much more control over their content and also more privacy.

Do you know anyone who has enough experience with AP to discuss and review whether it's viable or not? I'm pretty excited about it actually.

Thank you <3 :vlpn_happy_heart:

Wander , to Random stuff
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Testing post from Mastodon to see if federation keeps working correctly.


Wander , to Random stuff
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The needs to learn some serious conflict resolution...

If we ever aspire to become a serious alternative to corporate platforms we can't continue with this behavior. Let me explain.

Two days ago someone created a "The_Donald" community of a well-known instance. Immediately there were cries for defederation, blocking, and suspicion about the admin letting racists run rampant on his instance.

Ultimately when the admin logged in they removed that community. But before they even had time to realize what was happening they were already being accused of stuff and if any instance heeded the call to block, it would have caused damage to the users who would have their subscriptions / follows severed.

Some users who've just arrived from Reddit and bring a fresh perspective are already wary of the shit show this can become.

That instance resisted massive blocks because it was large enough. But what if it was smaller? >>

Wander , to Random stuff
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"'s content policies will have a sweeping impact across the Fediverse"

😂 😂 😂 😂

We need more furry porn to be posted on every fedi instance, especially on large ones like mastodon.social


Wander , to Random stuff
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This is why we can't have nice things and the might fall prey to big corporations or fail completely:

One big instance blocking another big mastodon instance because their admins have a dispute.

Anyone who wants to block willy-nilly like that should be in charge of no more than a single-user instance. Think of your userbase and the future of the service you're running, for f's sake.

This is how they pick us apart and why users flock to huge centralized instances: because they can't trust you won't have a 3AM rant and disconnect your users from their friends and contacts because the admin of a remote instance said X or Y about you.

Nah, come one people... This is not how you run a service.

Wander , to The furry fandom
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What's a current or past furry crush you have from an animated movie, show, book, game, etc. ?

I'll go first.
I first discovered Klonoa in a demo disc for the PS2. I was way younger back then, of course and even though I wasn't able to afford the game I fell for the character.

Fan art of Klonoa was probably one of the reasons I discovered the furry fandom.

cc: @chat
(art by Souno: https://twitter.com/DF_img/status/1491739205751681025)

Wander , to Furry (Safe For Work)
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I'm a fox and you are not! [by Kenket] @furry

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