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Just a precociously decadent rogue trying to navigate the Fediverse.

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I had always assumed he died decades ago.

Just beat Lies of P and I love it!

My first soulsborne game was Bloodborne and is still my favorite of the FromSoft series with Elden Ring just behind it. Playing Lies of P has seriously reminded me of when I first played Bloodborne and so it probably gets special bonus points just for that. Now I just have to wait until Friday for Lords of the Fallen!

Mods Wanted

The community of aww has grown over the last few months and is need of some additional moderators. There are few reports in aww fortunately so the primary duties involved would be creating content, weekly events/discussions, and interacting with users. If you are interested please send a DM stating why you would like to help,...

Highland Park shooting suspect’s father asks to dismiss charges for ‘innocent conduct’ ( www.independent.co.uk )

A father will ask a judge Monday to dismiss his case in which authorities say he helped his son obtain a gun license three years before the younger man fatally shot seven people at a 2022 Fourth of July parade in suburban Chicago.

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