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ZeroCool , (edited )

The damage Mark Burnett did by refining the myth of Donald Trump’s business acumen for The Apprentice is incalculable. He single-handedly convinced the stupidest dregs of society that Donald Trump was a brilliant negotiator and successful businessman. When in reality The Apprentice itself was the only successful thing he had ever been involved with.

ZeroCool ,

As homelessness continues to grow, so does the number of those living in their vehicles.

🇺🇸 🦅 The American Dream 🦅 🇺🇸

ZeroCool ,

"I have never been given a meal in my life." - Cat who has his own very specific wet food flavor preferences and an entire shelf in the pantry devoted to their favorite treats.

Orlando newspaper publishes spread of 673 books banned in Florida county in 2023 (

The Orlando Sentinel published a two-page print spread Thursday listing 673 books that have been removed from classrooms in Orange County in 2023 due to fears they violate the state’s new laws banning “sexual conduct” from public schools....

ZeroCool ,

I just want to make it clear that we don’t like Nazis either

Actions speak louder than words. Fuck Substack and fuck any platform that offers a safe haven for nazis.

ZeroCool ,

Zero tolerance for nazis. Zero.

ZeroCool , (edited )

On your Roku TV go to Settings > Privacy > Select Smart TV Experience and disable “Use Info from TV Inputs”

ZeroCool ,

So the only way to opt out of this hell is to kill your internet connection?

No. It’s actually simple to disable. On the Roku TV just go to:

Settings > Privacy > Select Smart TV Experience and disable “Use Info from TV Inputs”

ZeroCool OP , (edited )

And an effective way to assure good films continue to be made is to encourage diverse perspectives in the industry. Which is what this program aims to achieve. So, if all you care about is whether or not a film is good then what exactly is your problem with an initiative meant to develop new talent? Please be specific.

ZeroCool OP ,

Effectively, why does the talent search need to targets a small section of society?

You should read the article. This is explained quite clearly.

ZeroCool OP , (edited )

Instead of making a long list of every non cis-male group

To be clear, the “long list” you’re referring to contains three entries.

Do you actually have trouble juggling that much information at once or are you just upset because you think providing help and opportunities to someone other than a cis-het man is somehow oppressing you? Be honest.

ZeroCool OP ,

Why do you have to be offended by everything that doesn’t align with your exact view of the world. I’m going to assume you aren’t a cis male based on your responses here, and if you are that exact attitude is where these discriminate views come from.

Alright, I’ve read enough of your inane yammering for one lifetime. Blocked.

Donald Trump's GOP rivals once again compelled to rally to his defense after Colorado ruling (

With less than a month to go before voting begins, Donald Trump‘s Republican rivals are once again rallying to his defense, this time after Colorado’s Supreme Court ruled to remove him from the state’s presidential primary ballot under the U.S. Constitution’s insurrection clause....

ZeroCool , (edited )

Donald Trump’s GOP rivals

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Nobody on those debate stages is actually running for president. They’re all auditioning for Trump’s VP slot. Except perhaps Vivek Ramaswamy, who seems to be trying to use his presidential run to launch some sort of career as a right wing media personality.

ZeroCool OP ,

The Strangers: Chapter 1 is said to be something of a remake of the original 2008 movie, while its sequels – Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 – will blaze a new path from there.

lol if I were a betting man I’d put my money on this movie disappearing from theaters as quickly as it arrives but doing just well enough that Shudder steps in to produce the sequels. This has “announce a trilogy and hope we can get the last two made as Shudder originals” written all over it.

But hey, at least it seems like they’ve got enough sense to pretend ‘The Strangers: Prey at Night’ didn’t happen.

ZeroCool , (edited )

Titled Venom: Lethal Protector

Well if they’re doing the Lethal Protector storyline it better include Spider-Man this time. The Venom movies were already based on Lethal Protector sans Spidey, so… been there done that.

ZeroCool OP , (edited )

I did not reply to you so I don’t know why the hell you’re ranting to me about how I was man-splaining things to you.

Edit: nevermind, just saw their comment history and they’re an actual crazy person. Just gonna go ahead and block them now.

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