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fediversin' on and off since late 2017. find my other socials on my website!
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keeping an eye on @hello, they seem to be taking stances on fedi that I 100% agree with

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Do you have some ideas of yours we can shelve- erm, display in this space? 💡

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@godotengine Facility 01: a short point-and-click game that I eventually had to cancel because of poor planning and lack of motivation. The only parts of the game that I ever made were this test stage and a very unfinished room

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The replies on that post just keep on happening without an OUNCE of self-awareness as they're made.

It would be funny if it weren't so serious a problem.

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@TechConnectify oh my god it just keeps going. my condolences

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At the Dealbook summit, with X CEO Linda Yaccarino sitting in the room, Elon Musk just told advertisers who have pulled out of X — including Disney CEO Bob Iger — to go fuck themselves.

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@taylorlorenz honestly if this is what causes twitter to finally die then at least it was in the funniest way possible

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shopping for / / instances—anyone have any recommendations?

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