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lixus98 , to Fediverse
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Hi @ernest, do you have any plans to defederate kbin from bot communities? This could explode at any moment spamming every single instance that is not protected: https://kbin.social/m/lemmy@lemmy.ml/t/76632/Almost-90-of-the-accounts-on-lemmy-are-now-bot

lixus98 , to Random
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@ernest I think you might be interested in this: https://kbin.social/m/geddit@geddit.social/t/64769/Call-to-Lemmy-instance-admins
Something is going on on these instances and we might experience massive spam coming from them.

lixus98 , to /kbin meta
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Seems like is federating again? That's really refreshing to see.

Why are you not seeing as many posts from Lemmy communities on Kbin? ( kbin.social )

Hello! You may have noticed that the majority of posts and threads in your feed on Kbin are from within the platform itself. This is because the admin has activated Cloudflare DDoS protection which basically slows down requests to kbin, to prevent the website from experiencing downtime or becoming slow to respond....

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