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Eternally aspiring artist, Blender user, FOSS lover, and privacy advocate.

My interests include:

#foss #mograph #videoediting #art #privacy #photography #sciencefiction #3d #design #opensource #collectivism #humanism
I'm not a bot, I swear;)

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Tutanota , to Cybersecurity
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What's your favorite tool (after Tuta 😉)? And why do you prefer it to Big Tech?

lps ,
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@Tutanota for anonymous secure messaging


a close second is

mike , to Random stuff
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is awesome.

lps ,
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@mike Couldn't agree more! I don't think many people realize how important it is to the entire !

dansup , to Random stuff
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I've seen people mention that the Loops push notifications are dark patterns, and that is not my intention at all

I'm not encrypting the notifications and they can be collected by various parties (NSA, Apple, Google) so I didn't want to include any more metadata than I needed to

Hope you understand!

lps ,
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I guess it is simple enough to disable notifications

godotengine , to Random stuff
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We might be making an appearance in this incredible comeback 👀


lps ,
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It might be educational for devs as well, to get some insights from an experienced game dev....like did:)

notjustbikes , to Random stuff
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I was cleaning out some old video files and I came across this gem from Associate Professor Brian Doucet at the UofW School of Planning (bmdoucet on the bad site).

This was taken in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada the city where I went to University.

It boggles my mind that Canadian traffic engineering can be so broken that something like this gets built.

How did nobody along the path to getting this created say, "why are we building it like this when you'd have to be fucking insane to cycle here?"

Painted bicycle lane between two traffic lanes and an entrance to a highway with large amounts of motor vehicle traffic.

lps ,
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Swimming with sharks would look less intimidating than that!

dansup , (edited ) to Random stuff
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Even more progress (don't stop me now)

✅ - New README
✅ - AGPL license
✅ - Code of Conduct
✅ - Security Policy
✅ - Updated old repo readme
✅ - Updated https://pixelfed.org/mobile-apps with a link to the source code

I also pushed all the code, I'm now developing the mobile app in the open! It feels great 😎


lps ,
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Love that AGPL license:) 🙌

Reminder: crypto isn’t solarpunk. It’s cyberpunk.

Listening to a recent episode of the Solarpunk Presents podcast reminded me the importance of consistently calling out cryptocurrency as a wasteful scam. The podcast hosts fail to do that, and because bad actors will continue to try to push crypto, we must condemn it with equal persistence....

lps ,
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I really hope some larger projects team up with them for use as a donation platform at some point...the only issue is, where to buy taler w cash🤷‍♂️

lps ,
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A good explainer campaign of how it works practically is essential if it hopes to be adopted for sure. I know a bit, but still not clear on it. At some point credits need to be purchased. And as far as I understand it's not something that is connected to a bank account.

lps ,
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davidrevoy , to Random stuff
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lps ,
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So sorry to hear about his passing, I heard occasionally on socisl about his fight with cancer, but had no idea how bad it actually was. He'll be greatly missed: (

arstechnica , to Random stuff
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Oregon governor signs nation’s first right-to-repair bill that bans parts pairing

Starting in 2025, devices can't block repair parts with software pairing checks.


lps ,
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So amazing!!

davidrevoy , to Random stuff
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A recent photo of my sketchbook, still training with ballpoint pen directly, a cruel training. But I am beginning to get a better ability to imagine perspective grids without tracing them, and I can even begin to plan full-page compositions. It takes a while to build these new skills, but they are worth it.

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  • lps ,
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    @davidrevoy wow, so cool to see these!

    lps ,
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    @yogthos if only the West could sanction them;) It's not like they've never used the economic card before, FFS

    ajsadauskas , (edited ) to Technology
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    My real worry with Google's voyage into enshittification (thanks to Cory Doctorow @pluralistic the term) is YouTube.

    Through YT, for the past 15 years, the world has basically entrusted Google to be the custodian of pretty much our entire global video archive.

    There's countless hours of archived footage — news reports, political speeches, historical events, documentaries, indie films, academic lectures, conference presentations, rare recordings, concert footage, obscure music — where the best or only copy is now held by Google through YouTube.

    So what happens if maintaining that archival footage becomes unprofitable?

    #tech #technology #Google #enshittification #youtube #video @technology #capitalism #film #television #cinema #art #arts #SocialMedia #business #economics

    lps ,
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    That's why is so important! Everyone should be migrating or at least mirroring there ASAP... It will happen.
    @pluralistic @technology

    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @AstaMcCarthy @ckent @ajsadauskas @pluralistic @technology

    This is a very valid point. If you do create content that you intend to share to an audience, it's quite easy to find an affordable or free instance to simply mirror your content.

    Once it's setup, it will sync automatically with no additional effort, and we can ALL celebrate that we are not feeding the monsters.

    It is very much an ethical choice, and I think we can all agree we need to slay those beasts.

    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @ckent @AstaMcCarthy @ajsadauskas @pluralistic @technology

    There is an option, if you do self-host peertube, to retain the original resolution if no other options are selected. I'm not sure if that avoids transcoding, which I think is what you're looking for.

    lps , (edited )
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    @yogthos "shaka when the walls fell" ;)

    lps ,
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    This is brilliant!

    I've always thought of our current system with it's massive inequality like an engine that is not tuned right.

    If a machine is constantly spilling oil and sputtering, it's obviously broken and in need a major repair or rebuild.

    How anyone could see money pooling in the hands of a few and leaving the rest dry as a success is unbelievable! It's a clear sign of a broken system.

    mondoweiss , to palestine group
    @mondoweiss@social.mondoweiss.net avatar

    Egyptian officials are charging Palestinians a massive ransom to escape the Gaza genocide

    Egyptian border officials are charging Palestinians in Gaza thousands of dollars to escape death in Gaza. And even those who manage to raise the exorbitant price through GoFundMe campaigns have not been let through for months.



    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    The depravity that humans show towards each other never ceases to amaze me:(
    @palestine @kathimmel

    Castopod , to Random stuff
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    🌟 New Feature on https://index.castopod.org 🚀
    🖱️ With just a click, you can now follow your favorite podcasts right from the Fediverse.
    🦣 Interacting with podcasts has never been easier - like, share, and comment on episodes to engage with the podcast community.
    ✊ Interoperability is real: By integrating a direct "Follow" button, we're trying to break down barriers and enhancing the seamless experience of podcast interaction within the Fediverse.

    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    Great feature! I'm also impressed by how many people are using castopod:)


    lps , to Random stuff
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    If you're interested in swapping your evil corp creative tools with you won't want to miss the

    It starts today!

    https://creativefreedomsummit.com/ for full schedule

    and it's live-streaming here:


    doctormo , to Random stuff
    @doctormo@floss.social avatar

    Well that's

    chat server Rocket Chat decided to make their latest upgrade plain abusive. If you run your own, you are now required to enrole in a trial of their premium proprietary nonsense and it's likely the server is spying on it's admins and users.


    Looks like is going to have to move chat systems. There's just no way to regain trust in an upstream that is abusive. Not without forking away from the abusers.

    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @doctormo I would be suspicious of in the future as well. How about ?

    is using it. It has a mobile app on as well

    fedora , to Art
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    If you use @penpot, Andy Gonzalez will be hosting a demo of Penpot 2.0, walking through some new features and how the community was involved.

    This and more will be happening at the Creative Freedom Summit on Jan 23-25!

    Join the Matrix room to be ready to go: https://creativefreedomsummit.com/

    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    Will there be any live streams that you know of?

    LALegault , to Random stuff
    @LALegault@newsie.social avatar

    ’s Front Burner had one of ’s foremost authorities on genocide in international Law, William Schabas on, who believes South Africa’s request for provisional measures against Israel will be granted, and frankly discusses the issues, while explaining Canada’s obligation to prevent genocide.


    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @LALegault so a glimmer of hope that the entire Political apparatus of Canada hasn't been subverted, at least.

    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @yogthos if only we had a government that would make food waste illegal!

    TheConversationUS , to Random stuff
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    Not all meditation apps and podcasts have the same goal to cultivate mindfulness.

    Here, two scholars of Buddhism – who examined the many hundreds of apps associated with Buddhism – share tips to choose a good one, not the money-grab products that don’t show respect to :


    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    This was the sense I got when corporations started getting in on the "mindfulness" bandwagon. Learn to cope with shit and be more efficient.

    This is essentially shifting the blame to individuals, much like what the fossil fuel industry did when coining the term "personal carbon footprint" or having us all recycle when they were well aware that it useless if society is pushed to over consumption.

    paige , (edited ) to Random stuff
    @paige@canadiancivil.com avatar

    I helped my friend Carl scaffold out a Wordpress site today for his custom furniture business. Got excited and flipped on the “Federate” switch.


    He’s not a social media guy, it is SO NICE that he can just post projects on the website without having to go to twitter, instagram etc.
    One and done!

    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @paige @carlprey.com@carlprey.com I saw that post, nice!


    lps , to News from fediverse
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    A great conversation with @mike and @tchambers about the current and future state of social media.

    You can listen to the podcast or, better yet, support the and watch it on their server directly.


    Where you can like, follow, and comment directly:) Or if you prefer follow


    and watch/get notified from

    Gotta love !

    harriorrihar , (edited ) to Random stuff Spanish
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    Some architectural I did for (1).

    One of the reasons why I draw is the feeling of travel and exploration, and the feeling that drawing gives you of pausing time, of capturing a moment and staying in it. Thanks to Charles Huettner and Joe bennett for taking me to his planet Vesta and letting me inhabit it from its core.

    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @harriorrihar What an incredible series! A true revival of classic Sci-Fi exploration into strange and beautiful Alien worlds, a masterpiece!

    leftylabourtech , to Toronto
    @leftylabourtech@mstdn.social avatar

    In addition to having an owner who funds a charity that funds IDF soldiers currently committing genocide, the Chapters Indigo bookstore chain is also a

    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @leftylabourtech I had no idea:(

    samlitzinger , to Random stuff
    @samlitzinger@journa.host avatar

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • lps ,
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    @samlitzinger If anyone at this point is still supporting this because congratulations, you've been propagandized to support ethnic cleansing!

    Flipboard , (edited ) to Podcast
    @Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

    The internet as we know it is now over 30 years old, and author John Battelle says we must get over the "extraordinary inertia" of the system we’ve built. How do we create a better internet? Federation may be the answer. Listen in as Flipboard CEO @mike catches up with the WIRED co-founder, journalist and entrepreneur.


    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    Wow, what amazing guests you've had, bravo!!

    paige , (edited ) to Random stuff
    @paige@canadiancivil.com avatar

    Should the capital gains exemption on primary residences be phased out, reduced or left as is?

    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    There just be a hard cap on the amount of properties one can own to curb speculation and a cooling off period for how quickly you can resell a home. For example, new condo sales often speculate they cannot be flipped and must be owned for 5 yrs etc

    Flipboard , (edited ) to Podcast
    @Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

    Did you catch @mike's interview with @evan for our Dot Social podcast? Here's a snippet of the conversation, which you can listen to in full here:


    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    Great interview! It would be even better if you would give the podcast a home on the by hosting it on ;).

    This way we could use the real power of and like, comment and follow from right here.

    @mike @evan

    jiujensu , to palestine group
    @jiujensu@mas.to avatar
    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @jiujensu @palestine @israel I really don't understand why they are not publishing outside of these closed platforms ... they're just one strike away from losing it all.

    kzimmermann , to Random stuff
    @kzimmermann@fosstodon.org avatar

    Adblockers and alternative frontend will only get you so far in this. It's literally just a matter of time until step it to yet another level. Want some real change? Stop giving them power. these fuckers.

    "Youtube has started to artificially slow down video load times if you use Firefox" -> https://archive.is/yAdak (link to avoid direct )

    Bring down closed data silos like . Empower federated platforms like .

    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @Revertron @kzimmermann IMHO This is why large instances shouldn't be a thing anywhere on the .

    The sustainable and maintainable approach is smaller instances, and more of them. Individual creators should try to either join small instances or host their own like a website.

    leftylabourtech , to Random stuff
    @leftylabourtech@mstdn.social avatar

    is pulling all of its diplomats from Tel Aviv.

    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @leftylabourtech it's shocking to me how slow the world is to impose sanctions on for clear that seem laugh in the face of the UN when only a bit over a year ago they immediately isolated Russia and it's citizens.

    This is a very revealing moment in history for who steps in line and who actually cares about human rights.

    Coreyartus , to Random stuff
    @Coreyartus@mindly.social avatar

    Help. I would like to generate subtitles from my livestream recordings so I can then upload them to MakerTube as an SRT file and users can enable them.

    I can't find any apps that don't cost an arm and a leg (considering my livestreams are 2 hours long, 8 times a month). Most of the ones I can find cost much much more than I can afford. Webcaptioner.com is discontinued.

    Does anyone have any resources that won't break my already starving bank account?

    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @Coreyartus @weirdwriter is also available for , so it should be possible. Though only for intel ATM.



    therightarticle , to Random stuff
    @therightarticle@mas.to avatar

    Labour MP Andy McDonald suspended over ‘between the river and the sea’ speech

    For having the courage to speak out. Starmer will pay a heavy price for his position and behaviour on the Israel/ Palestine war.


    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @therightarticle This is insane! The article also goes on to say

    "Mr McDonald’s suspension comes after Rishi Sunak sacked a senior Tory from his government job as a ministerial aide for breaking ranks and calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict."

    Wow, calling for peace... a cease-fire gets you sacked!!!


    appassionato , to palestine group
    @appassionato@mastodon.social avatar

    Israeli officers beating a Palestinian girl in occupied Jerusalem (video)



    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @appassionato @palestine so brave, those mother fuckers!

    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @yogthos That makes sense, while raking in astronomical profits from money made out of thin air!!

    feditips , (edited ) to Random stuff
    @feditips@mstdn.social avatar

    Couple more things:

    If beginners want to find out about PeerTube in a safe and easy way, send them to my PeerTube site:

    ➡️ https://fedi.video

    I've reformatted it to be a "one stop shop" for anyone curious about PeerTube, with useful non-technical info alongside safe interesting content. Channels are curated through an allowlist, so people won't see any nasty stuff.

    The other thing: if you want an app for PeerTube accounts, try https://newpipe.net or https://fedilab.app

    lps ,
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    @feditips speaking of can you please remind peeps that is on now and the videos are now incoming onto the official instance!

    You can follow this account directly on by searching for @blender which will give updates directly in users feeds as they come in:) plus you can also comment from right here.

    Or if you're impatient, and you'd like to see the videos before they get posted here, you can go to this playlist directly:


    lps , to Random stuff
    @lps@masto.1146.nohost.me avatar

    I have no details, but I just happen to browse the forum and discovered that there is an official app in development ...

    Seems like there should be something to see in November;)



    lps , to Random stuff
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