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Having all your memories of something good wiped completely is better than never being allowed to experience it again.

EDIT: I don’t think I conveyed what I meant well enough in the post. I was talking about something like, say, reading. It’s my favorite hobby. If I was forced to never read again, I’d be absolutely miserable. But if I completely forgot about reading, there wouldn’t exactly be anything to miss.

I love the spine for this edition of IT (lemmy.world)

During the lockdowns, I couldn’t go to the bookstores to get my books so I just ordered them online. Quite a few of my books from that period are knockoffs since sellers in my country have a tendency to photocopy books. This was my first replacement. Can’t wait to slowly replace all the knockoff books on my shelf.

I just finished Cell and I'm NOT happy with the ending (spoilers have been marked as such)

I just finished reading Cell. Going into it, I'd seen lots of mixed opinions but I'd gone in with pretty high expectations, as I usually tend to enjoy King books that most people didn't really like all that much (e. g. Needful Things). And, to be honest, most of the book didn't disappoint me....

I did not expect the Green Mile to be this amazing (lemmy.world)

I'm currently traveling and picked up a few books earlier on in my journey, including the Green Mile, by Mr King himself. I started it first after seeing a lot of people talking about how much they loved it (including the YouTuber who introduced me to Stephen King). I expected it to be a good book but oh boy, did it exceed every...

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