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Still retired, oldmeanroy on twit, my best friend is my dog, bigtime car guy.

Programmed my first computer in 1964, a CDC160A, in binary. Using the switches on the front panel.
Took one byte off the paper tape bootstrap routine.

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AFP Factcheck- A widespread post on X claims to show a mug shot of Volodymyr Zelensky in a Russian prison that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson broadcasted online. This is false; the image comes from a fictional television series the Ukrainian president starred in during his time as an actor. https://factcheck.afp.com/doc.afp.com.34P24HV

oldmeanroy ,
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@w7voa "...fictional television series the Ukrainian president starred in during his time as an actor."

How funny is that!

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Trump can receive classified security briefings as the winner of the GOP nomination. We couldn't trust this man with our national security while he was president. We definitely can't trust the leader of the Republican Party while he's facing criminal charges for mishandling classified materials.

Add your name if you agree -- A national security risk shouldn't have access to sensitive intelligence: https://act.indivisible.org/sign/deny-trump-classified-briefings?source=mastodon&medium=directpost

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Student at Moscow State University changes the name of the network from his WiFi router to ‘Slava Ukraini.’ That gets him 10 days in jail. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2024/03/10/russian-student-jailed-10-days-for-pro-ukraine-wifi-network-name-a84400

oldmeanroy ,
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@w7voa brave kid.
Could have been worse consequences.

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I would like to pet the new creature please.

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@lowqualityfacts and they live in an owl-gulag

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Dryer settings on 🔥

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@georgetakei nothing that a nice codpiece can't fix.

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There's "a simple reason," according to President Biden, why the bipartisan border security funding deal is not moving forward: "Donald Trump" and it looks like the Republicans "are caving."

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@w7voa the only metric of immigration reduced in his administration was legal immigration and green cards.

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UN says Israel has informed it that the visa for the world body's top humanitarian aid official for the Palestinian Gaza Strip and West Bank will not be renewed. Canadian-born Lynn Hastings has been in the post for nearly three years.

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@w7voa "If there are no witnesses there wasn't a crime "

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I really wanted host this in the fediverse.
I struggled through the signup process.
Not able to make it public so was finally forced to put it on youtube.


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