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Where can we get these placebos? Maybe there’s some in this truck…

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Parasitic worm likely playing role in decline of moose populations ( www.sciencedaily.com )

Moose populations have been dwindling for years across the country due to many contributing factors, but new research at Washington State University has found the impact of Eleaophora schneideri, also known as the arterial worm, has likely been underestimated....

First case of highly pathogenic avian influenza transmitted from cow to human confirmed ( www.sciencedaily.com )

In March a farm worker who reported no contact with sick or dead birds, but who was in contact with dairy cattle, began showing symptoms in the eye and samples were collected by the regional health department to test for potential influenza A. Experts have now confirmed the first case of highly pathogenic avian influenza...

Study reveals the dietary practices of the agropastoral communities of the northeast Iberian Peninsula ( phys.org )

Raquel Hernando, a Juan de la Cierva researcher associated with the European project TIED2TEETH, at the Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana (CENIEH), is the lead author of a paper published in the American Journal of Biological Anthropology, in which the teeth of 84 adult individuals found at eight sites...

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Refractometers are one of the most misunderstood tools in home brewing. The two biggest mistakes are using the sg side of a dual brix/sg scale (the conversion is non-linear, and the scale will likely become increasingly off between the two the higher the gravity), and using one like a hydrometer, ie simply subtracting final from original gravity. Instead, only use the brix side of the scale, and use a calculator such as this one to determine the actual specific gravity/abv once fermentation begins: https://www.brewersfriend.com/refractometer-calculator/ (don't worry too much about the Wort Correction Factor.)
Do that, and your refractometer will be your best friend.

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This dude's train of thought is, "my constituents are fucking morons, they'll eat this shit up!"

1st Americans came over in 4 different waves from Siberia, linguist argues ( www.livescience.com )

Indigenous people entered North America at least four times between 12,000 and 24,000 years ago, bringing their languages with them, a new linguistic model indicates. The model correlates with archaeological, climatological and genetic data, supporting the idea that populations in early North America were dynamic and diverse....

Historical data suggest hard knocks to human societies build long-term resilience ( phys.org )

Frequent disturbances to human societies boost the ability of populations to resist and recover from subsequent downturns, a Nature paper indicates. The study, which analyzes 30,000 years of human history, has implications for future population growth and resilience and for contemporary resilience-building initiatives.

More plants on the menu of ancient hunter-gatherers ( www.sciencedaily.com )

It has long been thought that meat played an important role in the diet of hunter-gatherers before the Neolithic transition. However, due to the scarcity of well-preserved human remains from Paleolithic sites, little information exists about the dietary habits of pre-agricultural human groups. A new study challenges this notion...

Social change may explain decline in genetic diversity of the Y chromosome at the end of the Neolithic period ( phys.org )

The emergence in the Neolithic of patrilineal social systems, in which children are affiliated with their father's lineage, may explain a spectacular decline in the genetic diversity of the Y chromosome observed worldwide between 3,000 and 5,000 years ago....

Five things our research uncovered when we recreated 16th century beer (and barrels) ( phys.org )

It's true that our 16th-century ancestors drank much more than Irish people do today. But why they did so and what their beer was like are questions shrouded in myth. The authors were part of a team who set out to find some answers....

Native American voices are finally factoring into energy projects – a hydropower ruling is a victory for environmental justice on tribal lands ( theconversation.com )

The U.S. has a long record of extracting resources on Native lands and ignoring tribal opposition, but a decision by federal energy regulators to deny permits for seven proposed hydropower projects suggests that tide may be turning....

Humans and their livestock have sheltered in this cave for 10,000 years ( www.nature.com )

The researchers turned to caves under Harrat Khaybar, a vast basalt plain pocked with volcanic craters in northwestern Saudi Arabia. The caves were made by lava as it flowed from nearby volcanoes, forming rocky tunnels as it cooled....

Neolithic women in Europe were tied up and buried alive in ritual sacrifices, study suggests ( www.livescience.com )

The murder of sacrificial victims by "incaprettamento" — tying their neck to their legs bent behind their back, so that they effectively strangled themselves — seems to have been a tradition across much of Neolithic Europe, with a new study identifying more than a dozen such murders over more than 2,000 years....

Extremely rare marsupial mole that 'expertly navigates' sand dunes spotted in Western Australia ( www.livescience.com )

The tiny moles are covered in silky, golden fur and spend very little time above ground, although they do occasionally surface in wet and cool weather, according to Animal Diversity Web. But, the majority of the time, these tubular-shaped marsupials move through the sand up to 8.2 feet (2.5 meters) below the surface using their...

Carvings in southern Peru may have been inspired by people singing while hallucinating ( phys.org )

A pair of archaeologists, one with Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, the other with the University of Warsaw, both in Poland, has found evidence suggesting that rock carvings found in a southern part of Peru may have been inspired by people singing while consuming hallucinogenic plants. In their study, published in the...

Bipartisan Effort Under Way to Hobble Biden’s Antitrust Policies ( prospect.org )

The Biden administration’s aggressive set of antitrust enforcers have created powerful enemies: in big business, in media, in academia, and in Washington. For the most part, the main antagonists of the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division have been Republicans, though there are a few...

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"meager benefits", I wish. I have a specialized degree and nearly 15 years of experience in CRM, and I have absolutely none. No vacation, no sick leave, no health insurance, no retirement, nada. And essentially no chance of that changing without going back to school to get a master's, and even then no guarantee. I hear legends from time to time of field techs trying to unionize back in the 90s and getting blacklisted, hopefully this time it takes off instead.

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You mean the ones where all the comments say [deleted]?

Giant coyote killed in southern Michigan turns out to be a gray wolf — despite the species vanishing from region 100 years ago ( www.livescience.com )

Genetic tests have revealed that an animal killed in a legal coyote hunt in Michigan's Calhoun County was actually a gray wolf, state officials say. But experts don't know how the animal got there in the first place....

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So what if you travel, can you not stream from a hotel since it's a different IP address?

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I use wX from f-droid. It uses data from the National Weather Service, so it might not be useful if you are located outside the US.

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I always assumed the two communities were the result of some mod-drama/schism, if that's not the case, nuking one makes perfect sense to me. Unfortunately the lesser used and formerly mod-abandoned community has the better underlying name, but what can you do.

'Zeus made night from mid-day': Terror and wonder in ancient accounts of solar eclipses ( www.livescience.com )

For millennia, solar eclipses have inspired awe, wonder and fear. After all, it's not often that twilight descends in the middle of the day. And just as we plan for and anticipate their occurrence — like the total solar eclipse that will be visible to millions of North Americans on April 8 — ancient cultures across the...

Ötzi the Iceman used surprisingly modern technique for his tattoos 5,300 years ago, study suggests ( www.livescience.com )

Ötzi the Iceman's many tattoos were made by "hand-poking" — a manual version of the tattooing technique usually used today — and not by cutting his skin as some researchers have suggested, according to a new study....

Elephant hunting by early humans may explain proximity between extensive Paleolithic stone quarries and water sources ( phys.org )

Archaeologists from Tel Aviv University have uncovered the mystery surrounding extensive Paleolithic stone quarrying and tool-making sites: Why did Homo erectus repeatedly revisit the very same locations for hundreds of thousands of years? The answer lies in the migration routes of elephants, which they hunted and dismembered...

Horses lived in the Americas for millions of years – new research helps paleontologists understand the fossils we’ve found and those that are missing from the record ( theconversation.com )

Many people assume that horses first came to the Americas when Spanish explorers brought them here about 500 years ago. In fact, recent research has confirmed a European origin for horses associated with humans in the American Southwest and Great Plains....

Obsidian blades with food traces reveal 1st settlers of Rapa Nui had regular contact with South Americans 1,000 years ago ( www.livescience.com )

One thousand years ago, the first settlers of Rapa Nui — also known as Easter Island — feasted on a fusion cuisine of plants native to Polynesia but also ones indigenous to South America, around 2,300 miles (3,700 kilometers) away, a new study finds....

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I've used them for years. Most years I have W-2s from multiple states, they're the only free e-file that covers all states (with income tax) last I checked (I think h&r block did briefly, but I don't think they even do free file anymore). They also do my state's renters rebate, which most other free file providers don't. I did have some issues several times with it switching me to only paid options at the very end, but a message to support always fixed it.

Deadly morel mushroom outbreak highlights big gaps in fungi knowledge ( arstechnica.com )

On Thursday, Montana health officials published an outbreak analysis of poisonings linked to the honeycombed fungi in March and April of last year. The outbreak sickened 51 people who ate at the same restaurant, sending four to the emergency department. Three were hospitalized and two died. Though the health officials didn't...

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