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Amateur Radio Guy (General Class Ticket), Python Programmer, UX implementor, Father, Husband of 25 years, Brewer, Technologist, Home Chef, Linux/Unix Whitebeard, Buddhist, Artist, Maker, Guitarist, Sailor, Generally Pervy Old Bastard.

Champion of Reason, Logic, and Philosophy.
Antifascist Punk.

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There’s always the therapist!
J/K, the therapist might not care for that lol 😝

could you be just a little more specific? are talking toothpaste, charmin, downy, ketchup bottle, your significant other? tiny teddy bear? I’m just riffing here, in the absence of guidance.

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How do I make a multipart post in a magazine?

I just tried posting the series of parts to my /mag, they showed up in reverse order in the microblog? WTF?

Please, if there is some advantage to this microblog thing, I'd love to know what is, and also how to make a post in my own magazine that does not feature a link.

'Threads/Microblog/People/Magazines' is where simplicity goes sideways in this webapp. It is not obvious what those things are; the couple of guides I've found don't discuss this focal point of confusion.

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Latest update from AJC is that the Fulton County Website briefly served a Trump charging document, featuring a Racketeering Charge, and 18 others. It was quickly removed, apparently posted by mistake.

Tasers, taunts, torment: How 6 White officers subjected 2 Black men to hours of grueling violence, and then tried to cover it up | CNN ( www.cnn.com )

On the evening of January 24, three sheriff’s deputies in Rankin County, Mississippi, received a group text message from another deputy on the same shift: “Are y’all available for a mission?”

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So, I've been using mastodon a long time, several years in fact, and I never really understood all the folks complaining that it was too complicated; I mean, it was just always intuitive to me. Now maybe that's because I never really did the tweeter.

What I have done is a lot of reddit, and I gotta say, why the hell is this so complicated? :P

I'm only half kidding.

One thing that should always taken into consideration by software peeps is that when making a 'replacement' like this (dont tell me it's not a replacement for reddit, there's too much signal in the noise of this mag about 'reddit migration'), is that users that are relocating their operations will need extra handholding and assistance.

Unlike a lot of us, these peeps aren't casually learning how to do a new cool thing, they're typically perceiving some real and or imagined (Hey, both can cause a lot of stress and anxiety!), they're fleeing something, and trying to settle into a new, safer place; or so they hope.

I may sound like I'm 'asking for a friend', and I am, but that friend is me :D

Please, we need some kind of FAQ that says 'this is the reddit thing you want to do' and 'here's how to do it on kbin'. We need the next section to say, 'You can do these things on reddit, and not on kbin' and one more section in the FAQ that says 'These are cool things kbin does that reddit doesn't'.

A HUGE ask would be user style sheets to make it look and act more or less like reddit; really, as far as I can tell, there's only really a couple of big differences. Hell, it might suffice if we just had a FAQ that pointed out the substantive differences.

The biggest problem is, y'all just kinda 'sprung' the whole microblog/People/Threads on us; those single word descriptors are really only useful if you're 'in the know' already.

I've been posting off and on at kbin now for several months, hoping I'd eventually just soak it up; but it hasn't happened. I still keep screwing some things up here and there; just yesterday I was off to the races posting about some things, and managed to editorialize a title when I thought I was using post body to introduce the link. It's been sent to the ether, now.

I'm not in desperation about anything. I'm not a 'migrator' or refugee, or any of that. I do have a couple projects on reddit I'd like to bring here, I think this is the future of social media, and I think I will get a higher quality engagement here. I also have some projects already here that I'd like to get supercharged, and I can't really do stuff until I know the ropes..

So yeah, it would be great if the devs would drop some smooth pdfs or single page html or damn just if they'd 'own' a markdown document that could be loaded off any kbin page or something, that would be bad ass.

In the absence of that though (or something like it) what do y'all have out there, in userland?

Thanks for readin' muh screed.

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PRETTY Fucking amazing day of HF Radio today, I gotta say.

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For those of us who grew up thinking that UNIX, in some (elusive) form, was the Holy Grail of operating systems, NextSTEP was where we wanted to live, work, and play, as soon as we knew about it.

In a small way, the internet was 'late' for me - most of these kinds of development weren't happening on the internet yet. This, in particular, was a Steve Jobs project, and was spoken of only in whispers and sometimes in a magazine interview. By the time I really knew anything about the technology, it was pretty much reliquary. This applied pretty much to all of the Unix world.

Like all the rest of it, Linux was a bit late getting to me as well, in that sense that I had just began to steel myself to the realization that I had missed the heyday of open architecture, multiuser operating systems, and would be saddled with some kind of M$ Windows for the rest of my life.

Of course, that's all highly subjective, and truth be told, I was just about as ready for Linux at that point as Linux was for me, and a million other screwball wingnuts like me -- our ship, as it were, had just landed, and was recruiting crew.

There are a few things from back then that were worth retaining from the museum depository. Some of those that have perhaps been easiest to keep in play and updated are window managers. Openlook is an oldie but a goodie, and modernized (OpenBox WM), it is more powerful than ever, and running with critical efficiency on the Raspberry Pi, where it makes it possible to use a Pi4x8GB like one might have used a workstation of yesteryear.

Now NextSTEP has been shown the love, and here it is. It should run on the Raspberry Pi as well, and given that the project has a Debian target, I'm willing to bet it will run just fine.

Any takers?

72 73 DE KI5SMN

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Meanwhile, down on the dragonfly ranch, the house music is thumping, the JS8call console is hot and nation wide, and that makes me feel pretty good about something...

I think it's probably a pretty good philosophy to find things to like about life when we can as we wade into the future, as it's probably going to get pretty fucked, pretty regular.

That being said....I think it is of note that on the two hottest days (on average, on earth) in recorded history, we also had the sun open up a giant hole and retch up a big blob of itself, which it then vomited in our direction at a few million miles per hour. We've been getting bathed in all that (and the various lateral effects) for the past few days.

That shit ain't helpin', J/S.

I'm thinking about getting it together and getting right with my treadmill, in case I gotta get mobile or something. Not that I couldn't now, but it wouldn't be pretty, and you never know just how long you got until you have to deal with/run from some sort of catastrophe.

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Concerning this this thing with people refusing to do business with people who are 'gay':


The question isn't whether you should be able to refuse service to 'gays' or whatever -- the question should be whether you have the right to refuse service to anyone at all.

In fact, you do: to suggest otherwise would imply that you are not free to choose who you work for, and when. That you are a slave to your customer, or to your own business.

It doesn't have anything to do with 'gays'. It has everything to do with personal liberty.

If you don't want to work for someone, or someone doesn't want to work for you - everyone should be fine with that. Look at it this way, would you want to be forced to work for these assholes?

People who are saying they won't work for you 'because...reasons' are simply assholes, and here's a pro-tip, whether you identify as gay or straight or a fucking spayed martian demigod you don't want to do business with someone that you consider an asshole, or that considers you an asshole.

There are so many people who do want your business, no matter who you are, and when you engage those people, you and they form an instant mutual support community that is nothing but positive. Seek THOSE businesses out, and to hell with the others, they're not worth your time. That they missed the opportunity to increase their earnings through engaging you is their dilemma, not yours.

Don't fertilize the hate 💖 but if you're going to pick a hill to die on, sweet babeh jeebus, you can do so much better than this.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not gay, neither do I have a problem doing business with gay people, but if you're an asshole, I will kick you to the curb, as they say, no matter what part of the sexual spectrum you have personally staked out.

I put 'gay' in quotes because I don't want a single person to think I'm using the word negatively; indeed, my point is, this is not about being gay or being a gay person refused service. Don't let them make their asinine behavior about you. Just get away from them.

This is about being forced to do business with someone with whom you do not wish to engage in business. and I'm not defending these jerks, I'm just trying to clue you in that you don't want to eat one of their damn cakes anyway, and I sure wouldn't want to eat or serve a cake I forced them to bake in court.

Come on y'all, this is common sense, why is this even a thing.

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YOWSA, my masto server is on fire https://hackers.radio.

I don't actually know it to be on fire, and I really hope it isn't, it was in the vein of '..fighting fires...' in the old IT-Speak.

It sure ain't workin' thouigh, some IT Type needs to get over there and put out the fire, as it were. ;)

Earth Tilted: We’ve Pumped So Much Groundwater That Earth’s Spin Shifted ( scitechdaily.com )

The shifting of mass and consequent sea level rise due to groundwater withdrawal has caused the Earth’s rotational pole to wander nearly a meter in two decades. By pumping water out of the ground and moving it elsewhere, humans have shifted such a large mass of water that the Earth tilted nearly

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I have an account on reddit over ten years old, with not quite 100k karma. I have never made a second account there, I have always represented only myself, and have owned my posts. I posted almost exclusively on /r/politics, /r/news, and /r/worldnews.

I haven't posted much at all there the last few years, because of getting banned for life over stupid things - for instance, I got banned from /r/politics for agreeing with another user (who was from Mississippi) concerning the governor of Mississippi, that he was not just 'special' (the Miss. guy's bit), but 'short bus special' (my own contribution to this).

I get it, it was pretty insensitive. It doesn't help that that particular phrase, is something my wife uses to considerable effect, and has as long as I've known her.

Anyway, boom, lifetime ban from /r/politics. I kinda think it was a setup, because I had grievances against the mods of /r/politics.

In any case. It's good to be able to speak up about politics again.

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Sonofa bitch, no error 500.

Glad y'all got that fixed, I haD BEgUn tO DesPAiR

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