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i'm a pocket trouble. you put me in a pocket and i chew right through it. savvy?

anarcho-daoist political sciences student living in poland.

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[Long text] Interesting animals: rats! (rattus norvegicus) ( kbin.social )

Hello, a few months ago I did "Ciekawe Zwierzęta" series on Mastodon, they were exclusively in polish, though. So I salvaged the first text and translated it to english, so you all can see why a person such as myself loves rats so much. Enjoy....

A photo of two little rats cuddling inside of a glass jar.
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What music genre or artist changed your life?
Like, actually influenced your life going forward?

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I've just finished "Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio" by Pu Songling and I want more.

What are your favourite unconventional folklore/ghost stories?

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So, how's your 2023 bingo? I feel like I'm going to win soon.

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My girlfriend went to the bathroom in the middle of a night, then walked back - having crossed the window - woke me up and asked if I could open the window up.


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"Oh no, people have the audacity to criticize my ruthless views on migrants, that I call rapists and murderers. They all want to turn Europe into a muslim theocracy and take our free shit provided by the government!

Noooo! This place is overrun by dirty COMMUNISTS!!!"

Jesus Christ what a sad sob of a man he was.

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So what's the deal with the Threadiverse exactly?

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Hello world! I'm trying out Kbin after seeing it for like ages by now on Mastodon.
This place is now infested by rats. Hope you don't mind it.

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