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Encrypt all the things!
Remote tech worker — dad — I like legos and buildy kits. All things Michigan State University and Lansing.

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I am engaged in a race against time. It is a week after Thanksgiving and there are still yet leftovers. Today is the last possible day before the botulism takes hold. I must consume what remains. Pray for me. I'm going in.

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@scalzi this made my stomach gurgle just reading it

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We have no investors, no advertisers, nobody breathing down our necks demanding that we compromise on privacy for the sake of the bottom line. Signal is supported by you and your donations.

There are many ways to support Signal. You can donate in the app by going to Settings > Donate.

When you do, you’ll get a badge to display on your profile to show your support. You can also donate for a friend so they can display a badge on their profile.

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@signalapp I go’ed and do’ed the thing. I has badge.

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