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Software Architect/Server farmer. Aretic. Hegemon of Mars (deposed). Athazagoraphobic. Glucodivergent.

Late-GenX Doomer. Swears a fair bit. Sarcastic by default. Rarely uses CWs, sorry.

Testimonials that were totally about me, honest:
"so old and yet so adequate"
"both usable and hilariously impractical"
“a very large amount of weird and dubious”
"a lot of very frustrating fun"
"as horny and incompetent as ever"

@ISDNcow - Random snark and libidinous whining
@jatvoisluga - Random other crap, largely song lyrics
@cyborgfolly - Crossposts from my linkblog

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GottaLaff , to Random stuff
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It took ALL day, but we got our Internet back. Frontier had to do a factory reset. Hallelujah!!!

tithonium ,
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@GottaLaff we appreciate your heroic efforts working around it.

mattgrayyes , to Random stuff
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No, I’m the CED:
Chief Executive Dysfunction.

tithonium ,
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@mattgrayyes I’m in this post and I don’t like it.

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