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EU_Commission , (edited ) to Random stuff
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We are a Union of 27 countries and 450 million people sharing one future.

Diversity is what defines, unites us.
Diversity is also what makes us love the fediverse.

As we mark two years on Mastodon, thank you for enlivening the conversation with insightful comments and content.

Love does not increase after the first day, but it deepens.

Let's make this journey even more engaging!

What topics did you like the most and would like to see more often 👇

vladcampos ,
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@EU_Commission I truly appreciate the move and have been following the account since the very beginning. However, the president and many others are still posting on first. The official accounts should be their starting point for posting. Most of the official accounts do not really engage with anyone here on Mastodon because they are not real people. Their accounts are simply cross-posting from Twitter.

Techaltar , to Random stuff
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Today in the morning we had to say goodbye to our best boy. He was endlessly sweet, entertaining, good and gave me more joy than I could take. He will be missed and remembered ♥️

vladcampos ,
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@Techaltar 😢

Gargron , to Random stuff
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He’s here! The prototype, anyway. He’s big, squishy, and friend-shaped. We’ll try to make him as affordable as possible. You’ll have to wait a couple more months to get one, but we might open pre-orders relatively soon.

vladcampos ,
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@Gargron ❤️🐘 Please try to ship from EU to EU, instead of the current shipping from the UK.

Gargron , to Random stuff
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You know what I absolutely despise? When you find a legal way to watch a movie, say on a streaming service you're already paying for, but for whatever reason the audio track and subtitles are only in German. Just this default assumption that if you're in Germany that's the only language you'll ever want.

vladcampos ,
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@Gargron The same happens in Portugal and it drives me crazy. Why do these companies do this?

georgetakei , to Random stuff
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vladcampos ,
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@georgetakei What I don't get is how not working will help anyone afford to live 🤔. It's an honest question. If it is hard to pay for things when working, how will not having a job make things better?

Gargron , to Random stuff
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I was on @mike's Dot Social podcast to talk about Mastodon, (not the 1984 movie), and the social web. If you've got questions about any of those things, maybe we've covered them!


vladcampos ,
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@Gargron @mike I listened to it yesterday and enjoyed it greatly. Thank you both!

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