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Ich weiß, wie der Computer angeht.

  • Retrocomputing an der @HHU
  • Softwareupdates im @chaosdorf
  • Shitposts hier und IRL

andere Menschen über mich:

  • "ein am Handy spielender Halbstarker"
  • "jung und dynamisch" "mit der Energie, was verändern zu wollen"
  • "Experte für alles"
  • "der einzige HHU-Absolvent, […] der guten Code schreibt"
  • "Coronanhänger"

📸 @hanemile
📍Rhein-Kreis Neuss, NRW
Pronomen: er/he

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BrodieOnLinux , to Random stuff
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Hit me with your worst Linux takes, I'm sure you've all got some bangers.

ytvwld ,
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@BrodieOnLinux there are too many distros

nixCraft , to Random stuff
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Even if Google managed to completely disable uBlock Origin, it would still be challenging to take down a DNS-based adblocker. Another use case for Firefox :)

ytvwld ,
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@nixCraft DoH solves this :P

nixCraft , to Random stuff
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Apparently adjusting the sound volume is now considered "personalization" in Windows 11. 🤣 Yet another reason why you need to use Linux and privacy focus OS https://twitter.com/TheBobPony/status/1731737885957660715/photo/1

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