Hello! That's my main mbin account, my kbin account is @Fitik

I'm just a regular person from Israel🇮🇱 And a Fediverse enthusiast!

Fitik ,

On mbin/kbin you can actually do this, you can block/subscribe to other instances(domains) as well

Fitik ,

Another reason why I like Fediverse

If would have full control over it, this community would just get banned, but there's more and it is still accessable from all other places

Fitik ,

Says user lmao

Fitik ,

What about Mbin? It's kbin fork and it's being actively developed

Fitik ,

Well, !interstellar/ @interstellar exists, have you tried it? And to be honest I understand you, I wish it had more apps as well

Fitik ,

Another reason why I just straight up blocked it (Together with lemmygrad and hexbear)

wagesj45 , to Random stuff avatar

Testing out because I just couldn't stand the timeout errors on anymore. Does anyone know if mbin pulls in upline changes from kbin, or is it a hard fork at this point?

Fitik ,

@wagesj45 I know I answer a bit late but it's a hard fork as far as I'm aware

Fitik ,

For fuller context, Israel lies about everything

Lmao, what an answer, you haven't even came back with an answer

Also HAMAS admitted it have lost at least 6 000, while IDF talks about 12 000, and you know that HAMAS obviously wants everyone to think that their losses as a low as possible, so 10k seems realistic to me

Fitik ,

That's literally one of the "best" ratios for urban warfare in modern conflicts tho? It's a shame that the war is even there, but the numbers are "in Israel favor", Gaza is densely populated, and this is a full scale war.

Fitik ,

Why it doesn't matter?

As a point of reference, according to the UN, civilians usually make up around 90 percent of casualties in war. That's a 1:9 ratio (one combatant for every nine civilians).

It shows that it's low, and Israel does care about civilians, a shame that civilians die in the first place, but that what war is, especially considering HAMAS fighters a lot of times wear civilian clothing and don't follow the laws of war

Fitik ,

Great job! Thanks for your hard work, I hope it really fixed the problem

Fitik ,

Yep, seems to be broken for me as well and same for me

Fitik ,

Nice!! I hope it will keep growing, great job, mods!

Fitik ,

Yes I do! Sadly not as much as I would want to and my local community is not very big, but I try to participate in it time to time

Fitik ,

In Hebrew we usually use "חחחחח" it's actually translates as "hahahaha", but because it's abjad vowels aren't written, just a default laugh
For hehehe I seen people use חיחיחיחי (heeheeheehee)
For the rest it's a bit more complicated, because of the lack of vowels, but it's usually just a combination of י ([j] or ee) and ו (oo or o or v)

Fitik ,

It's for easier typing, because regular keyboards don't have niqqud, and many adults in my experiences don't even remember them (well) to actually use them. I bet if computer and phone keyboards had niqqud it would be more widely used

Fitik ,

Have you read the article you posted?

dansup , to Random stuff avatar

Pixelfed was forked, I joined their discord and gave them a piece of my mind

Forks fucking rule, I'm happy to see this. Open source is crucial to the fediverse, and while we all might not agree on everything, it feels amazing to desire to work with forks

Y'all are the real winners, even more so when devs like me do the unthinkable and bring awareness to forks

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  • Fitik ,

    @dansup Looks like a very healthy reaction! You're a great dev, dansup!

    Fitik ,

    Sounds very cool, haven't heard about Fedi clone yet! Great job

    Fitik ,

    This one works for me on mbin, while others link to

    wikipedia , to Random stuff avatar

    It's Wikipedia's birthday! Here's our baby picture from January 15, 2001

    Fitik ,

    @wikipedia Happy birthday, wikipedia!

    kyonshi , to Random stuff avatar

    hmm, did just fall asleep? I haven't really heard anything about that project for a while

    Fitik ,

    @kyonshi You can check out devlog at !kbinDevlog to see new updates at kbin

    There's also , fork, you can check it out too

    LaurensHof , (edited ) to News from fediverse avatar

    Last Week in Fediverse – ep 51

    The contours of the fediverse as the open social web, in a vision that goes beyond decentralised microblogging, are starting to become more visible, with more bridges, connections and other types of media getting pulled into the fediverse. It also raises the question of expectations and boundaries, with different visions of the fediverse arising: that of a highly interconnected space, or with many more insular communities and groups that are loosely connected.

    WordPress ActivityPub plugin updates to v2.0

    The WordPress ActivityPub plugin has been updated to version 2.0. The major feature of the release is better comment federation. Comments are now properly threaded, which makes it much easier to follow and understand threads where people are replying to each other. Comments are now also bidirectionally federated. Creator @pfefferle explains:

    “When you respond to comments from the fediverse on your blog, they will now be federated. This allows you to finally engage in (threaded) communication back and forth directly from the comment section of your blog!”

    This makes the plugin more valuable for bloggers who do not have another fediverse account for example, allowing them to respond directly from the blog, with their responses now showing up in the fediverse as well.

    Comments made by people who use the reply feature on the website itself do not get federated. Pfefferle explains that this is mainly a legal question for GDPR compliance. Work is still continuing on the plugin: Pfefferle mentions working with the Akismet team to make sure that it’s spam detection system also works with ActivityPub, as well as working on a Profile Editor UI.

    Podcasting news

    Fediverse podcast hosting platform Castopod has released a discovery platform for all the podcasts that are hosted on Castopod. You can find the index at It gives a nice visual overview of all the podcasts, which you can filter by category, language, or any search term you want.

    In order to build this index, Castopod uses the Podcast Index Database. Incidentally, the Podcast Index is currently working on building a bridge between their database and the fediverse. Developer Dave Jones released the code for the alpha version this week. This bridge allows you to follow podcasts directly in your fediverse client. The bridge is still in active development, but a sneak peek can be seen here.

    Some podcast news of my own as well: WeDistribute has launched the new podcast series Decentered. In this first episode, Sean, Damon I and talk about Creation and Discovery. Go check it out!

    Bluesky has 3 million accounts

    Some news from Bluesky: yesterday the network reached the milestone of 3 million accounts. This milestone comes 2 months after hitting the 2 million mark. While there are no official numbers for Monthly Active Users (MAU), Kuba Suder estimates around 500k MAU, based on the daily and weekly active users. For comparision, Mastodon has between 1 million and 1.5 million MAU, depending on the source.

    Bluesky’s growth is far from over, as Bluesky said that that ‘invite codes are going away soon’. This is different from opening up the network for federation, which is also planned for early 2024.

    Bluesky is explicitly positioning itself as a place that is welcoming and suitable for news organisations. Bluesky team member Emily published an explainer how newsrooms can use Bluesky for the upcoming election season. Not everyone is convinced the network is ready yet though, as ændra explains some features that the network needs to be fit for purpose.

    In other news

    Another write-up of the meeting that Meta held last December to discuss the fediverse, by Tom Coates. It contains some more details about the planned roadmap, and how the integration is planned to happen in separate steps. What strikes me is that both this report, and the notes by Johannes Ernst, mention that they feel they have not gotten a clear answer to the most important question: ‘Why is Meta doing this?’. Tom Coates writes: “I’ll be blunt – I didn’t find [Meta’s explanation] enormously convincing but it was interesting and I’m sure there’s some truth to it”. And Johannes Ernst: “Personally I believe this question needs a better answer than has been given publicly so far”.

    An OpenAccess article in Cell Press for researchers that are considering to switch their research from X to Mastodon, by Robert W. Gehl and Roel Roscam Abbing. It describes key differences between the fediverse and X, and how Mastodon is quite different from X and Twitter from the perspective of researchers. It focuses on the expectations of privacy that people in the fediverse have, and one of the main recommendations for researchers is to shift from studying individuals to studying instances.

    ActivityPods, the project to combine ActivityPub with the Solid protocol to create data ‘pods’, has been updated to version 1.5. With the new version it becomes easier to invite new people to your network, as well as better organisation of your contacts. ActivityPods tries to solve the problem that currently in the fediverse, you need to have a separate account for every fediverse service. With ActivityPods, applications can connect to your own Pod, so that your data and connections all live in one place.

    The new link aggregator PieFed ‘emphasise trust, safety and happiness‘, and as part of that they have added extra notifications for commenting on posts made on servers with higher standards of moderation, such as

    Fediseer, the project that provides a public space to crowd-source approval and disapproval of instances, has added a ‘rebuttals’ feature. Creator db0 noticed that instances were issuing ‘counter-censures’ (a censure is a negative judgement from one instance to another for any reason) just to reply to the original censure. Rebuttals provide an outlet for instances to explain their perspective or reasoning.

    Bridgy Fed, the bridging project to connect the indieweb, fediverse (and Bluesky and Nostr in the near future) has expanded support for non-indie websites as well. Similar to RSS-Parrot, you can now follow websites and their RSS-feeds directly in your fediverse account.

    The links

    • Pixelfed is building their spam filtering feature into a dedicated service, and working on adding parental controls.
    • PeerTube is building a mobile app, and is looking for people to help better understand their needs.
    • The research project by Erin Kissane and Darius Kazemi has kicked off as The Federalist Papers.
    • Designing a fediverse application with Bovine.
    • Updating your Mastodon status from a Kindle.
    • Mastodon client Oliphaunt for MacOS launches in beta.
    • radio free fedi is at a crossroads.
    • Short update by, saying they are working on post imports from WordPress and Substack.
    • The new Firefish fork Catodon moves towards the other Firefish fork, Iceshrimp. It’ll stay a separate project however.
    • A deeper look at one of the stand-out features of Misskey and it’s forks: Pages.

    If you want to receive this weekly update directly in your inbox, subscribe below!

    You can also follow this blog directly on the fediverse:

    Fitik ,

    @LaurensHof Thanks for blog, was very interesting to read! I am always excited for new news, and your collection seems great!

    Fitik ,

    Relatable! I love that I can follow people on mbin too.
    Most people are lurkers after all, so those who post already grab our attention.

    Fitik OP ,

    Huh, I had no idea, that's pretty interesting. I am happy for his main political opponent, I wish there'd be more such cases.

    Fitik ,

    Okay, then make your own instance where mods are democratically elected, I unironically would be interested to see how it'd play out.

    Fitik ,

    There's between 20,000 to 25,000 HAMAS fighters(Not including other Palestinian factions that are fighting along HAMAS like PFLP or Islamic Jihad or DFLP), even if zero innocents would die, and it's impossible in urban combat by your logic it would still be genocide.

    Fitik ,

    Yes, this is the source I used, because it seems the most realistic to me.

    The HAMAS in group source says that it has 40k fighters, but it seems too inflated to me.

    Fitik OP ,

    I'm liberal(or neoliberal according to leftists) myself so I'm not so sure, however I posted to this community because it talks about him being queer, not his ideology.

    Fitik OP ,

    I mean market liberalism. You can read about it on Wikipedia. And have you checked out the article you linked? It doesn't have to do anything with neither conservative nor fascism.
    It does however support free market(capitalism), but I don't see how it is relevant to other ideologies you listed, it's actually progressive.

    Fitik OP ,

    I am sorry I am not sure I understand you
    I can't imagine a liberal party entering a correlation with Neo-Nazi or ultranationalistic party even in very rare cases of a big tent. Actually the opposite in the political landscape left leaning and progressive parties like socdems are natural allies of liberal parties while normies usually consider them centrist or leftist. I am not sure what you are talking about to be honest, are we talking about the same liberalism? Because ultranationalism and liberalism don't go together in democratic governments at all, and completely contradict each other on every issue, from equity and rights of minorities to free press.

    Ultranationalistic parties tend to ally with populist and conservative parties, not liberal ones.

    Do we live in the same world? Or do you mean theoretically?

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