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Currently studying CS and some other stuff. Best known for previously being top 50 (OCE) in LoL, expert RoN modder, and creator of RoN:EE's community patch (CBP).

(header photo by Brian Maffitt)

MHLoppy OP , to hololive in Biboo is trying her best (fan animation)
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An unrelated FYI to the grumbus appreciators: she came back to do a Subnautica stream either yesterday or earlier today depending on local geography.

MHLoppy OP , to hololive in Q&A: COVER Corp CEO Motoaki Tanigo on next stop in his VTuber expansion: USA and the World
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Man, most of these answers are really basic lol. I was expecting something a little meatier.

MHLoppy , to Technology in ‘Selective hearing’ headphones: Hear clearly in a crowd with one look
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Cool idea, though I was surprised by the level of fidelity loss in the fountain example. I would've expected that to be a good case scenario for noise cancellation so maybe it just needs some more time to iterate and improve on its level of "false positive" removal.

MHLoppy OP , to hololive in COVER Corporation announces two new titles under Holo Indie - "Miko Sniper" and "DUEHOLO"
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They've also made the CCMC Corp (C!1!1!!) website available, apparently right after I posted this lol: (there's an EN/JP toggle in the top-right on desktop)

MHLoppy , to Australia in Raising jobseeker is not 'fiscally sustainable’? Sorry, but that is flat out wrong | Greg Jericho
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The graph comparing unemployment assistance across countries was really surprising to me. It makes me want more information about what's behind that. Do we have a smaller gap between median and average income than most of our peers (maybe from less ludicrous-income jobs in e.g., tech)? Is there a significant difference in attitude towards transfers here vs elsewhere? Is it a difference in economic beliefs (surely our economic situation wouldn't be that different though right?)?

Like what justification / reason is there for being last there?

I've known for ages that the payments are low as compared to median wage, but had honestly never even considered the possibility that we might be dead last out of OECD countries on that metric, and also way under the average.

MHLoppy , to hololive in [Ina's Birthday] WOW MIRACULOUSLY PRESERVED ANOTHER YEAR #BdayINA2024
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The tako/fan birthday site:

MHLoppy , to Privacy in Dutch court convicts engineer to 5 years for maintaining crypto mixer Tornado Cash
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SO comments are already CC-BY licensed (granted not -NC licensed, but still), but it doesn't seem to have helped much.

MHLoppy , to hololive in "Magical Girl holoWitches!" Main PV
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Magical Girl holoWitches! is a brand-new multimedia project comprised of hololive VTubers that hopes to introduce various forms of content such as anime, manga, and livestreams based on magical girl lore and setting.

Themed anime/manga? 👀

MHLoppy OP , to hololive in Calli post-surgery update: dad is going insane
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Soup-post: Xitter

(she's also been sitting in the air tube (hyperbaric oxygen therapy; helps promote healing etc))

MHLoppy OP , (edited ) to hololive in HolostarsEN is participating in Dokibird's WrestleTuber 2024 (WWE 2K24)
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It's a WWE 2K24 (a wrestling game) tournament, but the wrestlers are all going to be computer-controlled for the tournament, so it'll be basically as real as wrestling itself and just an excuse for everyone to have fun together.

I imagine it'll be a bit like Gura's WWE 2K22 streams.

MHLoppy , to Games in The RTS genre will never be mainstream unless you change it until it's 'no longer the kind of RTS that I want to play,' says Crate Entertainment CEO
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Rise of Nations (originally released back in 2003) had/has some interesting ideas to reduce some of the busywork:

  • Worker units will automatically try to gather/build nearby after a short (configurable) delay if they're not doing anything.
  • Cities (the main worker-producing structure) has a rally point option that's essentially "all nearby empty resource gathering", so you can queue a dozen workers and they'll distribute themselves as they're created.
  • Production buildings can be set to loop over their current queue, letting you build continually without intervention as long as you maintain enough resources each time the queue "restocks".
  • Units that engage in combat without being given an explicit target will try (with modest success) to aim for nearby units which they counter.

For the most part, none of the implemented options are strictly better than micromanaging them yourself:

  • You will always spend less time idling workers if you micromanage them yourself.
  • The auto-rally-point doesn't always prioritize the resources that you would if you did it yourself.
  • Queueing additional units is slightly less resource-efficient than only building one thing at a time.
  • Total DPS is higher if you manually micro effectively.

But the options are there when you need them, which I think is a a nice design. It doesn't completely remove best-in-class players being rewarded for their speed as a player, but does raise the "speed floor", allowing slower players to get more bang for their buck APM-wise, and compete a bit more on the strategy/tactics side of the game instead.

MHLoppy , to Games in The RTS genre will never be mainstream unless you change it until it's 'no longer the kind of RTS that I want to play,' says Crate Entertainment CEO
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There are types of time management which I think can still be interesting. For example, are you able to afford -- in the resources of time and attention -- optimally micro'ing this important fight? Or are you going to have to yolo it a bit so that you can do multi-task economic tasks at the same time?

Some (much?) of the problem is that (for better or worse) skilled players can and will squeeze the game to optimality in terms of win rate, and that tends to collapse viable tactical and strategic choices. Once those choices have been optimised (the game is largely "solved"), the main way to get better is by being faster, not by being smarter.

MHLoppy OP Mod , to League of Legends Fan Art in A fox's kiss (by Pfff)
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Pixiv source (has slightly less compressed image)

MHLoppy , to Games in Hi-Fi Rush gets reverse review bombed after Microsoft shutters Tango Gameworks
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It's normally negative, yeah, hence the "reverse review bombing" implying that they're positive reviews.

MHLoppy , to Games in Hi-Fi Rush gets reverse review bombed after Microsoft shutters Tango Gameworks
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I'm not sure it qualifies as "reverse review bombing" if the recent review +/- percentage matches the all-time percentage. There's just more reviews because of the shutdown, the ratio of positive vs negative hasn't meaningfully changed (97% positive overall, 97% positive recently).

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