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Currently studying CS and some other stuff. Best known for previously being top 50 (OCE) in LoL, expert RoN modder, and creator of RoN:EE's community patch (CBP).

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Liberals will have difficulty forming government after final Tasmanian results ( )

At the March 23 Tasmanian state election, the Liberals won 14 of the 35 lower house seats, Labor ten, the Greens five, the Jacqui Lambie Network (JLN) three and independents three. This leaves the Liberals four short of the 18 needed for a majority....

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Maybe the title was changed post-publication?

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The Advent mascots getting dressed up as pigeons is living rent free in my head.

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Careful saying something is free, the coffee's gonna get OzBargain'd

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Man this clip is ancient by bau bau standards, the official EN channel is digging pretty deep there lol.

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A-post: Xitter (JP)

Chronologically older post:



Fed into DeepL:

Due to a sudden illness of a family member and the urgent need for a chaperone, etc., we are postponing the "holo koshikake" scheduled for 3/29.
I wanted to do a recap of the expo and fes, etc. by the end of this month, sorry 🙇‍♀️

We still don't know how long it will take, so please let us know again when we can see the dates! 🙏

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Fed into DeepL:

Dear all
Sorry for the sudden change, I'm taking a break for about 3 months! 🙏

I have consulted with the company and decided to take a period of time off to avoid the inconvenience of continuing to work while accompanying my family: 🙇‍♀️

It will be a bit longer, but I will be able to come back in July, so please take care of Hololive Productions until then!

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As per the last time this came up, you can listen to the episode without an account if you listen via the embed (... -> share -> embed episode), though this disables some of the mixed-in music etc.

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As far as I can remember it is, but I don't 100% remember (maybe check announcements about the first one to confirm?).

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Mogochan the foreigners are manipulating the images again!!

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If comparison against average monthly wage is your benchmark, it's still proportionately cheaper in Australia with average monthly wage being $6,201.43 (i.e., >50% of $11,000, whereas the coffee price is <50% of $10.16).

Average wages here are also higher than the majority of the countries above us on the average-coffee-price chart.

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Pixiv source (has higher res, and less compressed image)

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* Informational accuracy may vary by location.

Official InART: Xitter (from 【DRAWING】 Oh Boy It's Doodlin Time)

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It is aggressively not spring in the southern hemisphere.

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Holy shit they do regular art too? I know them from their mumei-themed game which also had an OST I liked. Holo fans can be fucking talented man wtf.

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Following up (more generally than at your reply specifically), our lord and saviour Antony Green has the following counts/predictions:

  • Liberal: 13, possibly up to 15 (with 14-15 sounding more likely than 13 based on other coverage)
  • Labor: 10, with an unlikely 11
  • Greens: 4, with a good chance of 5
  • JLN: 2, with an unlikely 3
  • IND: 2

Additionally, Labor apparently said (quoting ABC news coverage) they were unwilling to form government with Greens, so rip.

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