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Currently studying CS and some other stuff. Best known for previously being top 50 (OCE) in LoL, expert RoN modder, and creator of RoN:EE's community patch (CBP).

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[Based on ABC's calls] They would've needed the support of every other non-Coalition non-Liberal member to successfully form a minority government, which they might have considered untenable.

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Following up (more generally than at your reply specifically), our lord and saviour Antony Green has the following counts/predictions:

  • Liberal: 13, possibly up to 15 (with 14-15 sounding more likely than 13 based on other coverage)
  • Labor: 10, with an unlikely 11
  • Greens: 4, with a good chance of 5
  • JLN: 2, with an unlikely 3
  • IND: 2

Additionally, Labor apparently said (quoting ABC news coverage) they were unwilling to form government with Greens, so rip.

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That is indeed the very first criteria listed in the sidebar, despite you being showered in downvotes for saying it.

Mozilla drops Onerep after CEO admits to running people-search networks ( )

The nonprofit organization that supports the Firefox web browser said today it is winding down its new partnership with Onerep, an identity protection service recently bundled with Firefox that offers to remove users from hundreds of people-search sites. The move comes just days after a report by KrebsOnSecurity forced...

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It does absolutely flood the feeds of some subscribed users when you post 40 (!!) things in one go to a single place. Would you be willing to consider either submitting in batches or spreading some submissions into more targeted communities? While I admire your dedication (and of course don't speak for everyone about preferences), I find this amount of stuff from a single sub/comm/mag at once really undesirable because in the aftermath it temporarily turns most of my subscription feed into just that and not much else.

Hololive Production to bring first-ever Australian concert to DreamHack Melbourne on April 27th ( )

Talent performing at the concert include: Houshou Marine (hololive), Tokoyami Towa (hololive), Kureiji Ollie (hololive Indonesia), Pavolia Reine (hololive Indonesia), Mori Calliope (hololive English), and Hakos Baelz (hololive English).

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I don't really understand the appeal over 1.6 (the differences sound like mostly bugfixes) but hey, as long as they're having a good time!

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Here's the linked trailer: YouTube (Piped)

Holotweet: Xitter

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It gives support (e.g., marketing) from Cover for games that join the program:

CEO of data privacy company [Mozilla's partner for Mozilla Monitor] founded dozens of people-search firms ( )

The data privacy company bills itself as a Virginia-based service for helping people remove their personal information from almost 200 people-search websites. However, an investigation into the history of finds this company is operating out of Belarus and Cyprus, and that its founder has launched dozens of...

Ina helped Bae put her new PC together

Hakos Baelz tweet: "hakos baelz thought her pc wasn’t built so she called one ninomae inanis to come help her build pc together. she believed it would be bonding and educational experience.   however as ninomae inanis inspected the pc, she realised everything was indeed already built and all she had to do was slide the gpu in to the gpu slot.   hakos baelz…wtf". Ninomae Ina'nis reply-tweet: literally me after plugging in a single cable [animated gif of "my job here is done"].
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You don't enjoy people people treating /all/ on a general instance as their personal subscription feed and downvoting every second thing in the queue? What a freak 🫠

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Looks like just a federation hiccup with votes, since shows the count at 9-1 (same with Fedia) vs your home instance showing 1-1. Crisis averted, same-posting may continue 🦈

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admin she doing it sideways

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I wonder what will actually change in terms of logistics and bureaucracy - is it just gonna be "now there's a physically-closer location for special collabs and stuff, but JP Cover still calls all the shots" or are they going to re-base EN talents to be managed by Cover USA (possibly with differences in management style etc)?

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They have a related investor relations presentation here [PDF] (this is the official link from their IR website).

The parts most relevant to the announcement (and less general-IR stuff) start on page 40. Some highlights for Cover USA's role:

  • "prompt and independent decisions" with direct communication between them and JP Cover
  • local event planning
  • local merchandise sales
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I think starting with already well-established EN talents (and thus expectations about norms etc) would help here.

If they do get new management and the talents think that new management ends up doing something completely nuts, they'll probably be willing to speak up about it and then even contact JP Cover about it if they felt it was that bad and not being satisfactorily addressed.

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(which is 13th March 7PM EDT / 10PM EST)

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