Kbin Userstyles and Userscripts

Improved Channel Select Menu 0.2.0 — Makes your subscribed magazines and liked channels more accessible ( greasyfork.org )

One of my most wanted features as of late has been for the channel select menu to have my subscribed magazines and liked collections. Right now, it just contains some general feeds, but I thought it'd be super useful to also have your mags and collections there for easy access! However, given that Kbin development priorities are...

Official Collection Checkmark 1.0.1 ( userstyles.world )

This userstyle adds checkmarks next to the names of official collections (i.e., collections that Ernest verifies and gives an official link). Right now, official collections aren't distinguished in any way, so I thought this would be a nice way of doing it!...

Expandable pictures and gifs? ( kbin.social )

Is there a style that allows for pop out pictures and gifs without opening the actual post? I generally prefer just expanding images rather than opening up a link to see them. Lemmyworld and other instances seem to have that available. Anyone know if there's a way to do that with kbin?...

kbin Enhancement Suite: a community-curated script manager that lets you customize your kbin experience ( kbin.social )

A couple of weeks ago, @shazbot made this post about a project that they were working on. Since then, @shazbot, @ori, @minnieo and I have been hard at work, and we are excited to finally announce the official release of kbin Enhancement Suite (KES)!...

Individual script modification and updates ( kbin.social )

This feels like a stupid question, but there's plenty of techniques out there that more expert coders use that I don't know about. How do you preserve minor or major changes you may have made to a script made by someone else while still being able to update any new changes they have? Besides the obvious way of saving your...

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