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Bari Weiss is an agglutinizing agent for losers ( freethoughtblogs.com )

It does me good to see one of those hateful anti-woke organizations falling apart, but it’s also dismaying to see how easily radical conservative groups can suck money out of the pockets of the obscenely rich. I guess if you’re extremely wealthy you can easily throw a million dollars here, a half million there, as long as...

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman's third-party API debacle is making Elon Musk look like a strategic genius ( www.inc.com )

Reddit is an interesting case because not only do the people who use the website create all of the content, but they also do almost all of the heavy lifting of managing and moderating the site. That sounds like a really good gig, except Reddit hasn't ever really managed to make money. Yes, it gets all the content for free and...

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