AmidFuror ,

You deleted another post where it was debated what the value of the article was coming from this same website. I'll repost my last comment from there.

You've posted more than 30 articles from just one "viral" site with some pretty terrible writing. Why? Why not post articles from more reputable sites?

As an example from this article, this is the second paragraph:

Phobos, which has a diameter of around 22 kilometers, circles Mars at a low of about 6,000 kilometers above the surface of the planet. As a result of intriguing interactions with its home planet, Phobos has evolved into the fascinating moon that we see today, thanks to its close closeness.

I don't know if this is the result of AI or translation from another language, but it's really quite awful.

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i don't want to debating this, ok? case closed. and talk about that site, i found their writer from another country and it should be revised i think

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