Smoltek's cell material for hydrogen electrolysis has successfully passed a 1,000-hour durability test with only 0.2 mg of iridium per cm2 ( www.marketscreener.com )

Smoltek Nanotech Holding AB ("Smoltek") announces successful test results for the company's cell material for PEM electrolyzers. Group company Smoltek Hydrogen has produced hydrogen during 1,000 hours of continuous operation, with a catalyst loading of only 0.2 mg iridium/cm2. The long-term test shows that the nanofibers in the...

Fuel Cells - Bloom Energy to Receive up to $75 million in Federal Tax Credits for Fremont Manufacturing Plant ( hydrogen-central.com )

Bloom Energy Inc. (NYSE:BE), a leading provider of clean energy solutions, was recently awarded up to $75 million in tax credits by the Department of Energy, Department of Treasury, and the Internal Revenue Service under the Qualifying Advanced Energy Project 48C initiative.

AVL's 150kW/liter Hydrogen ICE ( www.pmw-magazine.com )

Hydrogen may not be flavor of the month for car makers, either in fuel cell or ICE form. Despite this, one area in which it will almost certainly play a key role in decarbonization is racing. The heat of competition is where AVL, best known for its test benches, measurement devices, simulation tools and a long history of engine...

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