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A Crash Course Guide to Nostr ( wedistribute.org )

Nostr is a strange beast: in some ways, it resembles what the Fediverse built with ActivityPub. In other ways, it follows a bunch of totally different concepts. This guide is a best attempt to understand and explain what Nostr is, why it’s different, and how it works. We’ll also cover how to get started with using it....

Encrypted DMs Are Coming to ActivityPub ( wedistribute.org )

The prospect of making the Fediverse more secure is an ongoing topic, with a number of developers, privacy advocates, and user communities weighing in on how to do it. On Tuesday evening, ActivityPub spec co-author Evan Prodromou announced that he and Tom Coates have received a grant to develop end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for...

Substack Competitor Ghost Announces ActivityPub Integration ( wedistribute.org )

Today, open source publishing platform Ghost announced that it will soon join the Fediverse with ActivityPub integration baked-in to its feature suite. The announcement includes a handy explanation of what ActivityPub is, the benefits that provides to publishers on Ghost, and a deep dive into where these features will be found...

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