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Trump's campaign is distancing him from allies who have sketched out plans for a second term (

But even as Trump’s campaign has been blaming outside groups and allies for bad headlines, Trump himself has been vowing “retribution” against his enemies and ramping up his use of violent and authoritarian rhetoric, including saying he would only be a dictator on “day one” of his second term. He has also pledged to...

South Carolina jury convicts inmate in first trial involving deadly prison riots (

Smith was imprisoned at the time of the riot after being convicted of attempted murder in the shooting of a University of South Carolina student. That conviction was overturned by the state Supreme Court three years ago. He’s been held since then at a Columbia detention center.

Texas Supreme Court pauses lower court's order allowing pregnant woman to have an abortion (

The Texas Supreme Court on Friday night put on hold a judge’s ruling that approved an abortion for a pregnant woman whose fetus has a fatal diagnosis, throwing into limbo an unprecedented challenge to one of the most restrictive bans in the U.S....

It's taking longer to get an abortion in the US. Doctors fear riskier, more complex procedures (

A woman whose fetus was unlikely to survive called more than a dozen abortion clinics before finding one that would take her, only to be put on weekslong waiting lists. A teen waited seven weeks for an abortion because it took her mother that long to get her an appointment. Others seeking the procedure faced waits because they...

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