1,000 Harvard Students Walk Out of Commencement to Support 13 Seniors Barred from Graduation over Gaza ( )

More than a thousand Harvard students walked out of their commencement ceremony yesterday to support 13 undergraduates who were barred from graduating after they participated in the Gaza solidarity encampment in Harvard Yard....

Lawsuit seeks to block Washington ‘parental rights’ initiative ( )

I understand why our legislature made the choice it did - so they could retain power over the bill and hopefully change it next session - but very grateful for the ACLU stepping in here to block the bill from going into effect at all. Fingers crossed they succeed in the courts.

$150m paid in police misconduct claims shows violent response to 2020 protests, experts say ( )

In the four years since mass protests broke out over the killing of George Floyd, cities across the US have settled more than 130 lawsuits involving police misconduct with payouts totaling nearly $150m to protesters, journalists, legal observers and bystanders, according to an analysis of the lawsuits published this week....

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