Defederate Meta

Threads Will Break Kbin And Lemmy: interoperability isn't just about the protocol (x-post from

With the launch of Threads, there's been a lot of interesting talk about the safety and privacy risks it poses to people on the fediverse, if and when Meta begins federating. But it's also worth examining the risks to the social systems....

Spez to Zuckerberg? - Out of the frying pan, into the fire

It would be the cruelest of ironies if folks who are falling out of Reddit and trying to build a new community here on a community-controlled, non-corporate network were to find themselves getting sucked right back into invasive techbro-capitalism through a backdoor. But that's exactly what might happen....

Facebook Wanted NSO Spyware to Monitor Users (2020 article) (

In 2017 Meta (Facebook, Instagram) approached the mercenary group NSO - which has been sanctioned by the US government for developing a cyberweapon that destroys all security on an iPhone - to purchase spyware which would infect the Apple devices of their users so they could be more easily surveilled

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