I am tired of corporatist technology and I need help to get away from it.

I am a phone scroller and social media reader and a YouTube watcher. My phone and by extension my Google account are my mobile office. I regret having to buy an Apple Mac Mini but I am not giving up Logic as my DAW. I got away from overpriced Samsung devices a few years ago and have a fairly bloat-free Motorola. Now I want to...

Questions regarding Old-new Hard drives

Hi, I seek your help once again. I’m in the need of upgrading my storage now and I found what I consider to be a good deal via Amazon on an older gen enterprise WD drive that supposedly hasn’t been used, but I’ll let the power on hours tell me the truth. The price is about 16usd/TB and I’m wondering if this is a bad idea...

[Discussion] Reddit-like aspects of Lemmy that make no sense in a federation.

Disclaimer: I like the Fediverse, Lemmy, and the concept of federation, I’ve been here for two years, and I feel grateful towards people working on this platform - devs and admins and mods and everyone else. As such, I hope that what I’m voicing is interpreted as constructive criticism and food for discussion....

Looking for a modern, usable Linux OS preferably immutable

I have been trying some of the immutable linux OSes because from what I understand they are more modern and feature better security and reliability. What I have found so far is shocking. Half of these don’t support my laptop (probably because it’s nvidia optimus). Some I tried like guix were very difficult to install,...

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