Help needed, Autohide toolbox but the top gets cut off

I'm using MrOtherGuy's autohide_toolbox.css code it's excellent, but like 4 vertical pixels are gone at the top above the tabs, tried using this code, top doesn't get cut off but it doesn't hide the Bookmarks Toolbar while the setting of Always Shown is on, any help please.

Here's the comparison
photos not edited open the 4k overscan test pattern in a separate window to display it correctly

MrOtherGuy Mod ,

I have no idea why that kind of thing would happen, but you might be able to fix it simply be moving the thing downwards a bit:

:root[sizemode="maximized"] #navigator-toolbox{
  top: 8px;

Although, it also looks like maybe you are using some other styles as well which could be causing the issue, because this image here seems that tabs are kinda abnormal - but it's pretty hard to tell by such small image alone.

nocabik125 OP ,

thank you for your quick reply, could you ELI5 it please, do I just add that line to your autohide_toolbox.css code or change a previous parameter, I tried both and it didn't change, also I have no themes or styles installed

MrOtherGuy Mod ,

I meant you to add it after autohide_toolbox code. It would only have an effect in maximized windows, since you said the issue only appears when window is maximized. I don't know what is going on if that has no effect at all.

nocabik125 OP ,

alright, so I added what you posted at the end of the autohide_toolbox code and it's still getting cropped at the top

nocabik125 OP , (edited )

I also had to make the triggering area bigger by changing rotation deg, because otherwise whenever I clicked on the toolbox area the toolbox wouldn't descend, but the photos above is with unaltered code, also in windowed mode it doesn't crop only maximized

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