Can browser choice screens be effective? (

Browser choice screens are back on the menu. Most notably, the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) will require them from 2024. But lawmakers and regulators in many other jurisdictions have also been looking at choice screens alongside other interventions to address deep-seated competition issues in browsers and browser engines...

Google search will only show one npage of results Spanish

I have a major issue with Google search on my PC. Google search results are only showing me the first page and won't scroll or offer me the Goooooogle page selector. I have tried turning off and on continuous scrolling in settings and nothing changes - I don't see the page selector. If I sign out, I get the page selector and...

Can I get firefox to act as two separate browsers?

Say I have a window of mostly music that I want to open with shortcut a, and a window of work stuff that I want to open with shortcut b. Is there anything I can do to get firefox shortcuts to remember the windows separately? I don't want to use chrome or a different browser as the second window, but that would work for...

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