How can I sync only one bookmarks folder across Firefox profiles and accounts, with their smart keywords?

If you don't know about smart keywords, basically you can set phrases as shortcuts for specific bookmarks. I want a folder with all of my keywords synced, and that folder only. On each profile or account I have have whatever other folders and the placement of the folder with the keywords doesn't matter as long as they have the...

Platform Tilt: Documenting the Uneven Playing Field for an Independent Browser Like Firefox (

[Platform Tilt] tracks technical issues in major software platforms which disadvantage Firefox relative to the first-party browser. We consider aspects like security, stability, performance, and functionality, and propose changes to create a more level playing field....

Let me clarify: I want to see "lemmy" in the URL bar if I search it and can copy it instead of

Apparently I wasn't clear enough in my other post. When I focus on the URL bar on a search page with either CMD L or by clicking it, I want to be able to just copy the phrase "lemmy" instead of having to select the text from If I type search queries with spaces in them, the spaces are...

How can I show search querys in the URL bar instead of URLs? (and for all search engines, including custom ones)

I often do searches with multiple search engines and extras with the same query but with added at the end. Being able to press CMD L to focus the URL bar, and then CMD C with all the text selected would make things a lot faster. This was added months ago to Firefox but it looks like it was removed now.

Can I add a custom search engine *with* query autocomplete / search suggestions?

By default I use Google and it shows search suggestions, but when I add a custom search engine like, or a completely different one, I don’t get any. I don’t really care where the suggestions are coming from, they could be the same as the one for the default engine.

Is it possible to select multiple tabs: the current tab and tabs to the left or right, using just the keyboard? (no mouse at all)

I’m trying to use my keyboard more since doing things with a mouse or trackpad is more time consuming. I’d like something like: pressing Control Shift Alt > to select the tab to the right (along with the current tab), and press it again to select the tab to the right of that, making it three tabs selected. Same thing with...

Open extensions on Firefox for Android debut December 14 (but you can get a sneak peek today) (

In anticipation of the launch of open extensions on Android, we just added a link to “Explore all Android extensions” on AMO’s Android page to make it easy to discover new content. And just for fun and to offer a taste of what’s to come, we also released a couple dozen new open extensions for Android. You can find them...

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