/m/cybersecurity community feedback request

Hello /m/cybersecurity folks! Wanted to get a pulse check on those who use this particular community. I mod both here at Fedia as well as at for /cybersecurity. I run a few weekly threads (e.g. Mentorship Monday) at and have tried to run those same weekly threads here but they get barely any traction,...

What the !#@% is a Passkey? ( ) French

A new login technique is becoming available in 2023: the passkey. The passkey promises to solve phishing and prevent password reuse. But lots of smart and security-oriented folks are confused about what exactly a passkey is. There’s a good reason for that. A passkey is in some sense one of two (or three) different things,...

Third-Annual >Shark Week. Come say Hi! ( )

Hey everyone! My name is Mike and I write about #infosec, #tech and other things at I'm currently running an event this week I refer to as >Shark Week (, which is essentially just me posting some sort of "content" each day for the entire week, coinciding with actual...

Should I renew my CISSP?

Couldn't find a poll option so I guess people can just weigh in on their thoughts here. I've been a "CISSP-holder" since 2015/2016-ish and have always had the renewal fees paid for by my employer. My renewal date has come and unfortunately I don't think I'll be getting any employer assistance paying the fee this time around. Is...

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