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The only thing I need now in order to have the PERFECT battlestation is a decent GPU.

Holy shit, what I have missed Plasma. The cozy eyecandy just makes me happy.

:opensuse: Tumbleweed makes me feel at home again, it is almost giving me the same feeling that I had as a 9 year old kid, installing Suse.
Never thought that I would feel this happy about a computer ever again

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The Mindset Of A Linux From Scratch User

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Libreboot Developer Trolls The FSF... Once Again

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Tell us in the comments below! 🐧 😄

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There are some valid reasons to temporarily disable IPv6 in Linux for testing, debugging, and other purposes. Let's see how to disable or enable IPv6 in temporarily using the CLI

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Has anyone tried the DE for in the recent years?

How was the experience?


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Try these Linux bash aliases for more efficient use of the command line

For those who don’t know, bash aliases allow you to create unique command shortcuts. So, a simple word can be used to run a more complex command which may have a lot of additional parameters, e.g. just type the word ‘update’ to execute an update com ...continues


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Time for this week's and News video!

In this one, we have adding some data collection (but it's fine, IMO), we have a ton of stuff happening around AI, and it's still an absolute nightmare, we have the Linux Kernel 6.9 (nice), and banning in one of its territories, which alarmed a bunch of human rights / freedom associations:

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BTW, Arch Linux is now powered by kernel 6.9 🐧🏹

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are you a rockstar developer? 🤔

johnteachestech , avatar

@nixCraft well i did get pretty wild last night by staying up late trying to build a :dab:

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I would love to play a PC game about , and . Is there anything like that out there, bonus points if it's available on ?
The scope could be anything from managing your own small farm to something more large scale like the Great Green Wall of Africa.

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I didn't know they were real but I caught myself a wild From Scratch user so I had to ask the simple question, why

Video Release:

Audio Release:

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Here's how you can use tcpdump command to capture and record specific network traffic, protocols and ports on , , (OS X) and BSD systems like . This tool is essential for sysadmins and developers to debug networking issues.

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How can I find the correct ulimit values for a user account or given process name on systems?

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​:youtube:​ STEAM a GAGNÉ... sans RIEN FAIRE 😤 – Iconoclaste (avec LeoTechMaker)

Vidéo qui fait le point sur l’évolution très positive du sous grâce à , ça fait plaisir !


AntoineD , to Gaming

​:youtube:​ STEAM a GAGNÉ... sans RIEN FAIRE 😤 – Iconoclaste (avec LeoTechMaker)

Vidéo qui fait le point sur l’évolution très positive du sous grâce à , ça fait plaisir !


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Homebrew is now installed for you with the latest images of Bluefin, Aurora, and Bazzite. We don't have to strongly recommend installing it anymore because it's right there!

Homebrew is a great package manager especially for CLI apps. Give it a whirl if you haven't already.

Learn more:

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Registration is now open for the Fedora 40 release party! Come join us as we learn what's new, what's coming, and what else is going on in the community!

Register (it's a free virtual conference!):

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Proton Experimental improves Halo Infinite, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and more for Steam Deck / Linux

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