Not The Onion

Game studio owner suddenly lays everyone off and blames a Kotaku report that hasn't been published ( )

In the memo, Possibility Space owner Jeff Strain, who previously co-founded ArenaNet and Undead Labs, tells the studio's staff that he was recently contacted by Kotaku reporter Ethan Gach with questions about the closure of Crop Circle Games, another studio he owned with wife Annie Delisi Strain under their company Prytania...

0:3 made Liverpool ecstatic! Klopp changed his mind, the two big teams were hit hard, the Premier League is more important

No one expected Liverpool, who were on the verge of excitement, to lose 0-3 to Atlanta in the first round of the Europa League. It must be known that Atlanta, the opposite team, is only the 6th ranked team in Serie A. They have not had many outstanding performances this season and have just gone through a losing streak in the...

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