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Americans Are Tapped Out. Quick clip explains it well youtu.be/ghhCAPPZk7Q

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I’m not Russian, just posting articles that spark discussion.

return2ozma , (edited )
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Same. 11 years, nearly 2 million karma, frontpage almost every week. Mine was Reddit Is Fun app but I swore not to go back.

Edit: same username on reddit

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She’s also a billionaire now and we all know what happens to billionaires…

return2ozma OP ,
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Good idea. Here’s one more Art House Politics video, this one is titled The Nature of Capitalism with Michael Parenti. I think you’d like it.


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There’s also an app called Zip that let’s you do 4 payments and you can extend the dates too plus it allows you to pay for some bills like Verizon, T-Mobile, GEICO, etc

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