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Unveiling the Surveillance Potential of Targeted Advertising Data (

The article discusses the use of targeted advertising data by government agencies, particularly focusing on how a technology consultant demonstrated the security risks posed by Grindr's data to national security agencies. It highlights the widespread availability and potential surveillance applications of advertising data, as...

Any LLM chat bot or image generator that is open source, privacy based and doesn't need an account or app to use it ?

I found one but after a limit you cannot use it anymore without making an account now i can surpass it by using different ip but the conversation wouldn't go in a flow and it will get tiresome fast so if anyone know one which meets these criteria do comment ....

lost website

someday ago I saw this website about privacy and anonymity that had links to other websites, it had something to do with the durian fruit, the website was something like "durian network", I cant find it, literally, I cant remember the developer's name or anything that could help me find this website, it also had a link to an...

Why is graphene os only available on google pixels?

I want to mainly use it for privacy over its "security". I don't know what makes everyone fine with running it on fucking google pixels. Is there some kind of "low security" version or something for other phones? I'm so tired of certain organizations infiltrating privacy communities and making people believe in improving...

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