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PB with the doggo this morning (

Obviously not that great in comparison, but I've managed to keep running 3 times a week since September last year. I'm pretty happy with this I've gotta say. Started running for weight loss and heart health. Haven't lost any weight - I'm still ~120kg post COVID - but my heart health has improved a lot....

How do you streak runners manage on really bad weather days?

I’m trying to get into streak running, but when I get hit with a day that has terrible weather (ice rain, smoke from Canada being on fire, etc) I am unsure what to do. And I don’t own a treadmill or have a gym membership. Do you just have very specific gear for those days or what? Any motivation tips and gear tips?

Needing some help to get started running.

Trying to see if anyone has a routine for someone totally new to running. I'm a big fan of "this week do this, build up to do this, etc..." I'm in my thirties and from a young age until I was about 20 I had severe asthma. I've never been good at running. Asthma doesn't bother me anymore but I'm needing something to do while...

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