Today I Learned

TIL the dev of Iron Lung, an acclaimed indie horror game, faced significant backlash over increasing the price from $6 to $8 ( )

Then, responding to those who have said he’s “only doing this for the money", Szymanski tweeted: “Yes, no fucking shit. I make games for a living. If I didn't want to earn money from them I wouldn't charge money for them.”...

TIL about the Crackpot Index, a humorous post for people who claim to have disproved Einstein's theory ( )

A scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory replied to my email with a curt, please don't waste my time again. The head of the Physics Department at the University of Miami dropped Bob's research paper like it was radioactive. He receives one of these papers each week, he said. It turns out, there is a whole community of...

TIL Mitsubishi made a Jeep CJ until 1998. ( )

While picking up my daughter from school today, I noticed an old jeep in the parking lot, but did not think much of it until I saw the tri-spoked Mitsubishi logo above the grill and did quite the double-take. Apparently a number of foreign companies were licensed to produce them after WW2.

TIL The fish pepper was thought to be extinct for much of the 20th century until the rediscovery of fifty year-old seeds in a family's freezer ( )

The fish pepper (named for its common use in seafood dishes) is popular today, but it nearly disappeared altogether: that it still exists is thanks to William Woys Weaver, a Maryland author and ethnographer. In 1995, Weaver discovered a jar of seeds in the bottom of a freezer that belonged to his grandfather, H Ralph Weaver....

Essential Appliances You're Forgetting to Clean ( )

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to overlook certain tasks in our cleaning routines, especially when it comes to appliances. Some of these workhorses go months or even years without a proper clean, affecting their efficiency and your home's overall cleanliness. As your go-to Mukilteo house cleaners, Ukraine...

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