Who is the culprit: me or the married man who enabled me to develop a crush on him?

Let me be extremely clear that I am not a homewrecker and have never condoned infidelity. This married man is senior to me at work but not my direct boss. We recently worked on a project together for months and had many phone calls for at least an hour, sometimes almost two, nearly all initiated by him. It was mostly about work...

How do I test cast iron cookware for lead

So I found a griddle that was in pretty bad shape seasoning wise so I stripped it and noticed a small shiny area which worried me about lead. I ordered some lead tests that stated they were for metal (no specifics) and after doing the tests it came back positive. But this got me wondering if iron reacts with sodium rhodizonate,...

How to deal with problematic construction workers?

Next to the house where I live there was an empty lot, where now they're building a house or something, they've been working since last year. At first, I didn't payed too much attention, but then they started hammering the walls. For what I understand, when building a house you need to make your own walls and don't use your...

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