Big update for - it’s not going anywhere

First, I want to thank those who pointed me to mbin. I spent about 14 hours today with help from the mbin team on and off and found/fixed many problems.

Second, this post may not be very intelligible. I’ve been awake for a very long time.

In transparency, at one point today we were pretty convinced that had been hacked. But it turns out that sometimes companies go out of business, cancel their servers but leave their domain pointing to that server. And sometimes a person like me is the next person to rent a server with that former customers IP address and then hilarity ensues when your nascent software recognizes that domain is pointing to itself and starts remaining links using the former company’s domain.

During the time I thought it was hacked, I rebuilt it. In doing so, it appears that I’ve fixed many issues that accumulated over the months as kbin went through successive updates.

We did also find a nagging bug in the markdown parser Fedia was running, which caused many (perhaps most) of the remaining error 500’s. I am not clear whether that is fixed now, but if not, we know where to look.

Based on my experience today with the mbin team and the progress of fixing issues, I am fully retracting my intention to shut down and will start working with the mbin team on some performance issues.

Thanks for the patience, everyone.

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