Any UV flashlights that are actually decent without breaking the bank?

Thanks to the wonders of UV resin i got a super-cheap UV flashlight for curing it, but the thing didn't last much. I don't do this a lot, only occasionally, so a proper full expensive dedicated curing setup is a waste for me, and a not too expensive flashlight is not a bad idea, but I'd like to have one that won't break down after a bit. Is there such a thing?

Septimaeus , (edited )

I have a few UV lights my partner uses for curing resin. She said the one that works the best without smoking the resin is this unbranded 365nm 30W/10W light from Germany, $19.61 shipped:

I got it for leak checks. It’s similar to the Convoy (AliExpress) but includes the filter in the base price, was available on eBay and shipped faster, had a 21700 option, and was cheaper than everything else. ABS eyewear recommended.

Edit: added more detail

helenslunch ,


solrize ,
spyd3r , avatar

For the price I couldn't say no, will post comparison pics with the emisar d4k UV eventually.

Death_Equity ,

Not exactly a flashlight, but I got a UV lamp with glass screen protectors that is powered off USB. It is very bright and can be used with a battery pack for portability. Since it came with the screen protectors, it is basically a bonus gift that is more powerful than the UV mode on my Nightcore SRT9.

So if you want to have a great screen protector for your phone and you have need of a UV lamp, going that route may be a great option. I got mine off Amazon, one from IMBZK and the other from amFilm, the IMBZK screen protector is better but both lamps are roughly equivalent.

Nomecks ,

Why not just stick a UV lightbulb in a cheap lamp?

Olhonestjim ,

UVBeast makes a good one for $40. Found it on Amazon. Solid build, good emitter, 18650, has a USB-C port for charging. Been using it for years to charge up my collection of glow in the dark trinkets.

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