Why does this happen to some of my games? ( )

title really.. got a few games where this oldschool TV error shows instead of the actual main screen, the same happens with Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen. It's a super weird thing, as before this appears the actual loading screen is present, but this error-image just decides to slowly fade in...?

What's best practice in this scenario? ( )

So I've got this Monstera plant thats been with us for a while but recently got attacked by these tiny tiny black insects that keep eating the leaves. I've actively tried to get rid of them as well as screening this plant away from the rest, but the insects seem to always come back. I've just read that it's possible to spray the...

I surveyed over 500 solarpunks, this is what they answered! ( )

Hi everyone! A bit over a month ago I made a survey about Solarpunk and shared it here. Now, I finally present you the findings of the survey! I am adding a few pics here for a preview and if you are interested, go check the link where there is a full description of the findings!!...

Don't let people sell you flashlights :) ( )

Don't let people sell you flashlights unless they're super cheap and super reliable. :) Especially avoid buying rescue or air defense searchlights - if a product contains the word "rescue" or "defense", its price will cause a jumpscare. Optics isn't a secret art, Wikipedia has all the relevant information - and if you happen to...

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