malwaretech , to Random stuff avatar

Am I out of touch with how unhinged British conservatives have become, or does “we promise to draft 18 year olds into the military if you vote for us” seem like a guaranteed way to lose the election?

DaveMWilburn , avatar

@malwaretech it's not about their specific grandkids, it's about some abstract set of grandkids more generally, particularly the ones (you know the ones) that are so lazy and don't care about civic duty like we did in my time and no one wants to work anymore and we can't find enough workers to pick fruit anymore because all the damned foreigners left because of Brexit (thank God) and has anyone seen my reading glasses?

PJ_Evans , avatar

Also "social service". He's not promising to pay for any of it, though, and there's no money to train them and no actual work if they aren't enlisting.

chevalier26 , to ActuallyAutistic group avatar

What are your thoughts on self-diagnosis being belittled by many in the autistic community?

For clarity, I’m not asking to start a debate, just a genuine discussion. I currently don’t have the option to get a diagnosis, but feel fairly confident that the research I’ve done over the past year and a half has been legitimate and credible.

I don’t feel comfortable saying that I am definitively autistic, but I am ok with saying I’m “self-suspecting.” @actuallyautistic

punishmenthurts , avatar

@chevalier26 @Tooden @darrellpf @pathfinder @janetlogan @actuallyautistic
LOL - when an Autist says, "frustrating," know that any normal person would have shot up a school or something a long time ago 😂

TransitBiker , avatar

@chevalier26 @pathfinder @janetlogan @actuallyautistic I did not think that I was autistic until I was in my 30s.

foone , to Random stuff avatar

I'm gonna see if I can get my raspi to boot from a spinning rust drive. Why not?

foone OP , avatar

@9names @puppygirlhornypost @mori yeah! I used to work for an SSD company, our CTO had a link to that video in his email signature

acsawdey , avatar

@foone @fozztexx How about a CDC 3764:

SMD interface
150 mb
14” platters
Belt drive
Building lights dim when it spins up

GottaLaff , to Random stuff avatar

After a long morning of loading the POD, stuffing the car, cleaning, scrubbing, double-checking, all on very little sleep… we’re off! here we come.

loves these long road trips.

First night: Sacramento-ish.

tenzu , avatar

@GottaLaff have a nice trip!

browngraham243 , avatar

@GottaLaff welcome to Canada!

jerry , to Random stuff avatar

Hypothetically speaking, if I needed a university text book on short notice, where could one find those to download? This is totally not because my son forgot to buy a book for an assignment that is due today.

mensrea , avatar

@jerry you i mean, someone could try

jerry OP , avatar

I appreciate the help all. The hypothetical problem has been solved 😅

NotImpressed , to palestine group avatar


"Hamas demands the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to issue arrest and detention orders against all war criminals, including occupation leaders, officers and soldiers who participated in crimes against the Palestinian people. It also demands the cancellation of all arrest warrants issued against Palestinian resistance leaders, as these warrants violate international conventions and resolutions [Article 51 of the UN Charter].

jeremy_pm , avatar

@xs4me2 @oatmeal @NotImpressed @palestine

Of course my views are biased. I have a strong bias towards human rights and freedom from supremacist oppression.

xs4me2 , avatar

@jeremy_pm @oatmeal @NotImpressed @palestine

Me too, I don't like fundamentalist terrorists murdering innocent people.

And I don't like authoritarian PM´s going into a genocidal war either.

History is never simple.

maegul , to Fediverse News avatar

Iceshrimp: A fediverse platform

Was just told (by @Subversivo ) about this:

are rewriting the whole thing (a JS/Node / fork) in C# with Blazor for the frontend.

Cool to see. Should handle the performance issues that have plagued the *key forks and maybe provide a new general branch of fediverse platform.

What lang/stack isn't represented on the fediverse now? C++, Kotlin?


natewaddoups , avatar

@mick_collins @maegul @Subversivo I worked in C# at my previous job, and am using Typescript in my current job.

The biggest advantage to C# is that it is a strongly typed language, which allows the compiler to do a much better job of verifying your code. ("Type" in this context refers to data types.) Javascript is a weakly typed language, so the compiler will accept a lot of code that C# wouldn't. So your users end up discovering bugs that a C# compiler would have discovered during compilation, so you'd fix them before you deploy to users.

Typescript is a big improvement over Javascript, but still nowhere near as good, mostly because it needs to maintain backward compatibility with Javascript.

Weak typing is convenient for small/simple projects and for people who are just getting started with programming - both of which are what Javascript was for. But the bigger the project, the more useful it is to have a strongly typed language, and a compiler that will point out type mismatches before your users get a chance to find them.

ryan , avatar

@maegul @Subversivo @fediverse @fediversenews what is this, for the unacquainted? Is it a full activitypub server or just the front-end?

rbreich , to Random stuff avatar

Justice Samuel Alito flew not one, but two pro-insurrection flags at his homes.

Alito not being forced to recuse from Trump's immunity case and upcoming Jan 6 cases tells you everything you need to know about the SCOTUS code of "ethics" established last year.

Hint: It's a sham.

Tbsa , avatar

@rbreich He needs to resign, not recuse. He’s anti American and anti constitution.

Durff , avatar

@rbreich I agree he needs to resign.

darrellpf , to ActuallyAutistic group avatar

Is there a term in the autistic world for "outing" someone? In the gay world we have often very accurate "gaydar".

I was watching a mom and son on a television show. On one hand I want to talk about them and their interaction, but on the other hand I don't feel right about "diagnosing" them, particularly in a public way.


punishmenthurts , avatar

@MxVerda @darrellpf @felyashono @actuallyautistic
I try to go no further than to say "I'd like to claim them."

MxVerda , avatar

@punishmenthurts @darrellpf @felyashono @actuallyautistic ooooh that’s a good one.

I’m havin’ that!

jerry , to Random stuff avatar

Another day of being annoyed that my lifelong quest to understand why “c” is the speed it is and not some other speed ending up at the fine structure constant and physicists saying 🤷 at why the fine structure constant is what it is.

jerry OP , avatar

@crdotson its true. Unless I knew why

sgf , avatar

@jerry I think others have said similar things, but I think you kind of have it backwards.

Like "Why is the whole number following 1 what it is? Why's it the whole number below e, and if you add 1 to it, the whole number below π?"

Versus "given we have these small integers, why do these interesting constants fit where they do?".

foone , to Random stuff avatar

Bad idea: you know how sometimes people have a "me but a bot" account? Where they've trained a gpt3 bot on their original posts, and have it regularly generate a fake post by them?

Why stop there? Train another bot on the first bot account's output. And another.

See how many bot accounts it takes until foonebot7 is just posting "floppy floppy floppy floppy floppy floppy" 24/7

whophd , avatar

@foone sadly we know that it’s no longer VHS-style generational copy noise, or “floppy floppy floppy”, but “nazi nazi nazi, terf terf q-anon”

david , avatar

Don’t floppy that copy!

georgetakei , to Random stuff avatar
dshan , avatar

@georgetakei Don't let your kids grow up to be UFC fighters, it rots their brains.

ScottGrimmett ,

@georgetakei Alexander the Great was home-schooled, and he turned out totally, ummm

christianselig , to Random stuff avatar

With the release of that Daylight tablet hopefully we're only a few years off a really good, affordable e-ink style monitor for doing some coding outside

christianselig OP , avatar

@plym Oooo, that's a cool device. If only it was bigger ;_;

wesleyradcliffe , avatar

@christianselig all this chat about eink lately is making me pine for my pebble watches. They were such amazing devices.

georgetakei , to Random stuff avatar

Love this!

beer , avatar

@georgetakei Go nuts!

ReedsDad , avatar

@georgetakei that's fantastic and very creative!

GottaLaff , to Random stuff avatar

I can't possibly reply to all your loving wishes and kindness, so please consider this one big ol' THANK YOU.

cecil_harrigan , avatar

@GottaLaff Welcome to the new country, and thanks for the real-time reporting - it's great!

GottaLaff OP , avatar
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