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[US] At a sushi restaurant, is it considered good ettiquette or bad ettiquette to order rolls cross several rounds?

When we go out for sushi with friends we usually order as a group and order a couple of specialty rolls for the table at a time, sometimes making several orders through the evening as time and appetites allow. The idea is manifold: not to over-order food, to spread out food delivery as we drink sake and socialize, to "pipeline"...

People that own/run a franchise, what's it like?

Just out of curiosity, I'm interested in understanding the experience of running a franchise as an "owner" of the location. I have no intention or desire to run one myself, yet I find it interesting. From the outside, it seems like a weird relationship in which you are the owner and not at the same time. You own the location,...

Do you register your products for warranty? ( )

Hiya, just bought a new sound bar for my TV. And with it, as expected, came this "Register your product" pamphlet, and had me wondering how many actually register their products? I've personally never done this before, as in my country we have 2 years of warranty on everything we buy, so not really ever felt the need for...

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