e-five ,

Can you describe the steps you're going through to attempt to block it and what you observe? For instance, if I go to https://fedia.io/d/hexbear.net and click block on the side, it instantly appears to work without any errors. I tried from other mbin instances as well and didn't see any errors.

Hypx OP ,
Hypx avatar

You can’t block any user or community. It just gives you a 500 error.

e-five ,

Thanks, was able to get the logs for the error happening with some help. Seems to be related to their "allowlist" changes to lemmy (at least that's the error being thrown back). I'll try to track down in the code, as I believe I mentioned before I believe it sends a request to unfollow to remotes even when you aren't following, and make a patch soon(tm). (For jerry, this is an mbin bug, so feel free to move this to the mdev mag if you want or it can hang out here but isn't specific to your instance)

Gamers_Mate , (edited )

If you have ublock origin adding the following to the filter list should help.
fedia.io#.entry:has(aside.meta > a.magazine-inline[href$="@hexbear.net"])

e-five ,

As an update, this should be fixed as of this PR
I was able to verify that I couldn't block before, and could after the change
So it should get into the next tagged release version (which will likely be 1.5.0) and eventually be working on this instance

DarkThoughts ,

Blocking instances on kbin / mbin does not work though. You will still see the communities threads & users (and getting to that page in the first place is a hassle too since there's no link to it).

xep ,

Yeah, same with Kbin. It's been an issue for a while now.

DarkThoughts ,

Pretty much since forever.

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