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Blapoo , in Israeli soldiers bombing Gaza and laughing before 1 hour of ceasefire

They seem like wholesome fellas. Let’s fund them better than we fund local rail safety


drearymoon , in Zionist Times of Israel: “To see Jews as equal is antisemitic”

This is a prime example of how Zionism begets antisemitism. If you took this at face value, it’s very easy to come up with a stance that opposes and targets Jews instead of the root cause of these chauvinist beliefs - Zionism. Just as extremist Islamic groups taint general public perception of Muslims, Zionism taints the public’s views on Jewish people.

The issue is that Zionism is accepted in the mainstream meaning antisemitism has a foothold in the mainstream (as evidenced by the widespread acceptance of neonazis and right-wing fascist groups). Zionism as an ideology must be eradicated. Extremist views like this should not be tolerated. Israel and Zionism creates danger for Jews worldwide.

Damaskox OP , in What VR games do you enjoy?
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Beat Saber was my favorite game for a long time.
I have 199 hours in. That would probably be around 2 000 000 steps earned through exercise!

Blade & Sorcery is my number one currently.
245 hours in. Especially the mods make it fun! I just wish I could last longer in one gameplay go but usually maybe after an hour I need to call it quits for all the energy lost and sometimes even feeling to lie down for a while 😂


Other mentions:

  • Skyrim VR. I love the bow in VR - you can shoot so fast with it!
  • Slinger. I love VR games where you need to use ropes and (rocket) thrusters to get around! Beware of baddies and get to the next level!
  • Jet Island. Another rocket-rope game - explore a vast area, collect upgrades and mods and kill bosses
  • VRChat. I love being a robot! I sometimes even use a robot voice! There are game and social worlds to hang in and new folks to meet!
ernest , in I wish Kbin users would just switch to Lemmy
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I'm back in the game now. The issue with spam will be addressed next week.


ptz OP ,
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Glad to hear that! 🎉

4am ,

Great to hear! Hope things in your life are headed in a good direction, and thank you for the work you do. 🙇‍♂️

Facebones , in Trump Bless you

Weird how it’s always the anti gay types obsessing over shredded Trump memes 🤔

bloopernova , in Nearly 70% of men chose to shock themselves instead of being bored for 15 minutes
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When I was growing up, my oh so loving mother decided I wasn’t allowed to be in the house alone and she would only pay for child care for my brother.

I got very used to sitting outside the back door starving for 4 hours after school waiting for her to get home.

15 minutes is nothing. I’d probably only just get started on a good daydream by then.

And, yes, I’m no-contact with my mother.

zabadoh , in Hey, so there's a circus to your left, a carnival to your right, and a mall ahead, which way do you go?

The mall will either be higher end and teeming with shoppers, or a nearly abandoned hulk like the suburbs filled with lower middle class renters around it, who now shop on the likes of Amazon and Temu because that’s what they can afford.

All 4 choices have their charms, but I’d rather go home, or find a nice quiet park for a snooze.

Immersive_Matthew , in Providing Relief to Asthma Patients: Understanding Treatment with the Asthalin Inhaler

I used to use Salbutamol and Symbicort to control my asthma for decades, but now I just use Red Light Therapy on my chest and am have never felt so symptom free. I am using near infrared light specifically as it penetrates the chest. Shockingly effective for me and I finally get to avoid all the Corticosteroid asthma meds

Fixbeat , in Sweet potato

Stupid sexy potatoes.

matrix , in Matrix Seeking Tax Payer Money To Fund Future Development‽
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@darnell The Matrix.org Foundation is a nonprofit built to steward an open source specification and nurture the ecosystem around it.

There is no precedent for FOSS foundations like ours getting into managed hosting or other service-oriented lines of business. There is, however, precedent for channeling public funds into common resources, including open source.

darnell ,
@darnell@one.darnell.one avatar

@matrix @darnell Thanks for replying. As far as using tax payer funds to support , I know that there would be massive resistance to this idea in the 🇺🇸 (using taxes to fund anything long term is always controversial, regardless of the reason).

I do believe managed hosting would be a better option to support your foundation, which is a path that , & are using.

numberfour002 , in The very polite google search


leanleft , in Some trouble
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how do these two birds interact in the first place?

Smorty , in Vegans are so extreme

I mean ok, I have heard this argument from non-vegans and non-vegetarians:

"I am not the one killing the animals, it's just too easy and too affordable for me to purchase meat, as it tastes good, makes me full and it's rather easy to prepare"

And they do have a good point. Is it an outrageous idea to tax meat heavily, or at least to some degree? Right now for example Burger King made all their veggie line burgers cheaper then the meat options. I know I know, fast food bad, fast food unhealthy, fastfood structural issue, but I think that was a mive in the right direction. I'm open for better suggestions

Smorty , in 💄👄🖕

Ok, but what if the guy respects the women and her decisions. What if he has seen her without makeup, and thinks that she is beautiful either way. How would one tell a woman that, without it being oppressive? I genuinely want to know, as I don't see that as being evil. Please tell me if I'm wrong on that.

morphballganon ,

The following answers are for talking to your partner. Adjust for friend/date/acquaintance.

You just tell her she's gorgeous. No need to make a comparison.

If she asks if she looks better with or without, tell her that you know when she has makeup on, it means she put in effort, and effort is sexy (that is true, and it doesn't contradict your opinion, and it's a compliment).

Also, you can't go wrong with picking whichever aspect of the makeup looks best and telling her she nailed it.

Smorty , in nice try commie 😎

Hi commie. I respect your opinion and I understand it. But please talk to my boss, they are the one doing the evil.

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