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EU_Commission ,
@EU_Commission@social.network.europa.eu avatar

We are a Union of 27 countries and 450 million people sharing one future.

Diversity is what defines, unites us.
Diversity is also what makes us love the Fediverse.

As we mark two years on Mastodon, thank you for enlivening the conversation with insightful comments and content.

Love does not increase after the first day, but it deepens.

Let's make this journey even more engaging!

What topics did you like the most and would like to see more often 👇

osma ,
@osma@mas.to avatar

Glad to see someone's at that end! Perhaps you can forward the message to the commissioners and others as well. Particularly amusing/frustrating that the people in charge of digital policies, privacy and competition act to promote foreign, privacy-invasive wannabe-monopolies who in turn promote the rise of fascism. All of which in direct opposition to the founding principles of the Union.

vladcampos ,
@vladcampos@mastodon.social avatar

@EU_Commission I truly appreciate the move and have been following the account since the very beginning. However, the president and many others are still posting on first. The official accounts should be their starting point for posting. Most of the official accounts do not really engage with anyone here on Mastodon because they are not real people. Their accounts are simply cross-posting from Twitter.

TechConnectify ,
@TechConnectify@mas.to avatar

I have apparently developed a knack for going on a grocery run and loading my fridge up with stuff juuuuust before it hits a defrost cycle.

It's happened like three times this year!

wonkish ,
@wonkish@mastodon.social avatar

@TechConnectify adds "sparkle water" to his delightful Midwestern phrase dictionary

yrlf ,
@yrlf@graz.social avatar

@TechConnectify how often do fridges need to defrost?

If it's more than a day between defrost cycles, why can't an actual "smart" fridge time those to be when you're unlikely to have JUST put new stuff in? Say, at night?

BrodieOnLinux ,
@BrodieOnLinux@linuxrocks.online avatar

Hit me with your worst Linux takes, I'm sure you've all got some bangers.

ytvwld ,
@ytvwld@chaos.social avatar

@BrodieOnLinux there are too many distros

phil ,
@phil@urbanists.social avatar

@BrodieOnLinux Using Chrome or any derivative is actively anti-Linux because of the importance of the open web for OSs that aren’t the top 2 most popular. Allowing the web to ossify around a Google product gives Google control over your machine.

dangillmor ,
@dangillmor@mastodon.social avatar

A vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a vote for Trump. It truly is as simple as that.

Don't let anyone gaslight you on this.

JKirkpatrick ,
@JKirkpatrick@mastodon.social avatar

@dangillmor Someone tooted , What does RFK stand for? ,Wrong answers only, and I thought of : Reckless, Feckless, Kook. Not sure if that was a wrong answer.

frog_reborn ,
@frog_reborn@mstdn.social avatar


Do we know what people are inclined to maybe vote for RFK? Because to me it seems like he's pandering to a base that has much more in common with the average Trump voter than the average Democrat voter.

So in those cases, where one might vote either Trump or RFK, a vote for the latter would actually be a vote against Trump.

GottaLaff ,
@GottaLaff@mastodon.social avatar

'Night all. Having no Internet all day, fighting with all the Big Corps. involved with fixing (they didn't), and resetting stuff, I'm so over today.

But at least it's back, and ready for Monday's big doin's.

News will break. I will post.

cherold ,
@cherold@zirk.us avatar

@GottaLaff Impressed you kept feeding us the scoop with all the goings on. Thanks!

By the way, you always say when you're posting news, "if you comment, say NFL." Have you considered making people (who are bad at following instructions and forget things they mean to do, including me) instead have to specifically say they want to speak to you with a signifier like "YFL?" Then you could just ignore the rest.

nycCatHerder ,
@nycCatHerder@universeodon.com avatar

@GottaLaff Night! Sometimes a day without Internet is a blessing. Take advantage when you can.

polotek ,
@polotek@social.polotek.net avatar

The CEO of Post News DMed me on twitter a while back. My impression is that part of his job was trying to convince prolific posters to come over and hopefully bring some part of their audience with them.

I politely declined. I noped out of Post News once I understood that Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway were involved. I don't want anything to do with a community shaped by those two. (It's okay if you like them. We don't need to talk about it.)

poswald ,
@poswald@mastodon.social avatar

@polotek that’s kind of the difference between a community and a social network. You can set community standards but a social network has to work for all communities… even ones that think you are lame and mock you. Post always struck me as a journalist community (which could be an interesting thing!) more than a social network.

raven667 ,
@raven667@hachyderm.io avatar

@polotek @timbray It may be true that large centralized social networks are dead but they are so big now that unlike say the era of MySpace there are enough users who won't suddenly quit that they can be influencial and sustain themselves for a long long time on the fumes of their early success.

Like a Lovecraftian horror the dead social network still lies dreaming and those dreams are still capable of inducing madness

GottaLaff ,
@GottaLaff@mastodon.social avatar

It took ALL day, but we got our Internet back. Frontier had to do a factory reset. Hallelujah!!!

tithonium ,
@tithonium@clacks.link avatar

@GottaLaff we appreciate your heroic efforts working around it.

Robb_Munson ,

@GottaLaff when all else fails full send a "fuck you" to the modem in the form of a reset, works every time! I'm in the communication industry and this is surprisingly all I do all day long.

christianselig ,
@christianselig@mastodon.social avatar

When you can’t find your Nintendo DS charger and Amazon won’t deliver until Sunday 🥲

giuseppe ,
@giuseppe@mastodon.social avatar

@christianselig amazing…

AppleJuiceNerd ,
@AppleJuiceNerd@mastodon.social avatar

@christianselig I've been in this exact situation, but because I don't have nearly the same electrical knowledge as you do, I was stuck with no 3DS for a few weeks.

w7voa , (edited )
@w7voa@journa.host avatar

Post News, which sought to be a Twitter alternative, is shutting down. I have 5.8k followers there but rarely use it. I decided I’ve bandwidth for only two platforms after putting my Twitter accounts in suspended animation — Threads is one of them and Mastodon is the other. https://www.theverge.com/2024/4/19/24135011/twitter-alternative-post-news-shutdown

Aubyn ,
@Aubyn@mastodon.social avatar


I'm still looking for the best Twitter replacement. So far Mastadon is best.

Candason ,
@Candason@augsburg.social avatar

@w7voa Well done Steve 👍

mastodonmigration ,
@mastodonmigration@mastodon.online avatar

New York AG rejects Trump $175M bond, setting the stage for a Monday hearing which may result in determination that the bond is without effect and lead to asset seizure.


"The New York attorney general’s office has asked a judge to void the $175 million bond former President Trump secured to put off paying the larger monetary damage award in his civil fraud case."

Hey_Beth ,
@Hey_Beth@sfba.social avatar


🤞 🤞 🤞

Although I must admit that I'm fine with him keeping his assets and emptying out all campaign accounts. Can't run a campaign down ballot without $$.

noondlyt ,
@noondlyt@mastodon.social avatar

@mastodonmigration Sooooo surprising that a bond from a corrupt af auto loan shark was rejected. Obviously no one else is going to put up a legitimate bond because trump doesn't have the liquid assets to back it. Let the mar-a-lago yard sale commence.

rbreich ,
@rbreich@masto.ai avatar

Casual reminder to Ignore the anti-union propaganda from corporate America.

If unions were actually bad for workers, corporations wouldn't need to spend millions of dollars on union-busting.

soulexpress ,
@soulexpress@musician.social avatar

@rbreich When you hear "right to work," take it as a major red flag.

ZillaMon ,
@ZillaMon@mastodon.social avatar

@rbreich Unions are essential for consumer, worker and environmental protections. Few unions lead to great corporate excess.

rbreich ,
@rbreich@masto.ai avatar

The world's billionaires now hold a combined $14.2 trillion in assets.

That exceeds the GDP of every country in the world except the US and China.

And we’re supposed to believe the ultra-wealthy can’t afford a wealth tax?

dvodvo ,

The only reason to accumulate such wealth is exactly that: to have power over everyone underneath it.

There is no way they - or their grandchildren - can consume all that.

Higher taxes is actually a kind way to address this matter.

98Percent ,
@98Percent@mastodon.nz avatar

@rbreich That's never going to happen while the world is run by and for those same billionaires. Have you ever noticed how oligarchy transcends political, national and religious boundaries with apparent ease? That makes it obvious who actually governs the world, and by the results, it's also obvious who the world is run for.

GottaLaff ,
@GottaLaff@mastodon.social avatar

👀”’s political operation said Thursday that it plans to deploy more than 100,000 attorneys and volunteers across battleground states to monitor — and potentially challenge — vote counting in November.”


Osteopenia_Powers ,
@Osteopenia_Powers@newsie.social avatar

@GottaLaff @monorailtimes
Trump appointed judges likely to grant injunctions! 😟

tiamat271 ,
@tiamat271@mastodon.online avatar

@GottaLaff This is completely my own speculation, and I may be feeling overly optimistic with liquid courage, but I have a feeling that trump’s monitors will be confronted by an even bigger group of pro-democracy monitors. And as we’ve seen from his trials, where literally TENS of people showed up in support, I think his turnout will be less than expected!

pluralistic ,
@pluralistic@mamot.fr avatar

Today in "Capitalists Hate Capitalism" news: The Appeal has published the first-ever survey of national prison commissary prices, revealing just how badly the prison profiteer system gouges American's all-time, world-record-beating prison population:



If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on pluralistic.net, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:



vegos_f06 ,
@vegos_f06@friendica.opensocial.space avatar

@pluralistic If you were on Friendlica or other networks without char limit instead Mastodon, you could have posted this useful information in one post.

pluralistic OP ,
@pluralistic@mamot.fr avatar


  1. I have a good reason for using the instance I do, and

  2. Even if I had a higher character limit I would still break posts down into individual toots


foone ,
@foone@digipres.club avatar

when I finally build my Workbench Keyboard, one of the weirder options I'm going to add is a way to paste pre-loaded text files from the onboard storage.

like you could have texts\serials\windows\win10.txt and you navigate to the that file and hit paste and it just types out the FCKGW- nonsense for you

Variaxocellus ,
@Variaxocellus@mastorol.es avatar

@foone Okay I'm not an expert but wouldn't it be faster and easier to install Windows 20 once?

PeterKratz ,
@PeterKratz@chaos.social avatar

@foone Why not print them out as barcodes and use a barcode-reader (one of those keyboard emulating ones) to just beep them in?

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