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Yinon Magal, one of Israel's prominent journalists, celebrates the burning of Palestinians alive in an UNRWA displacement camp in .

According to Tv. ratings, more than 250,000 Israelis tune in to watch Magal's show every night.

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“All red lines have ceased to exist. And only the resistance of the Palestinian people on the ground and our struggle here in the imperial core, will help bring about an end to this ongoing genocide and campaign of extermination.”

  • Palestinian writer and activist Kaleem Hawa


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Bekir Develi YouTube Channel on X:
"Israel strikes civilian gathering places.


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رضوان الأخرس on X: "طفل بلا رأس !!! مشهد صعب جداً من المجزرة التي ارتكبها الاحتلال الإسرائيلي في مخيم للنازحين غرب مدينة رفح جنوب قطاع غزة!! حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل …


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Khalissee on X:
"BREAKING: This is an UNRWA warehouse in Rafah bombed in Gaza. Children have been burnt alive. This is Israeli Terrorism.


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Israel kills dozens of Palestinians sheltering at a displacement camp in Rafah - YouTube

Horrific! Targeting a tent camp full of displaced people, in an area that Israel said was "safe". And Israel calls this justified and legal. And even worse, the US continues to support Israel.


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Israel’s war on Gaza live news: ‘More than 30’ killed in Rafah strike | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera

  • ‘They burned people alive’
  • Israeli military says it acted according to international law in attacks on Rafah displaced
  • Israel committing genocide in Gaza: Human Rights Watch founder
  • Rafah attack death toll climbs to 35
  • Gaza office: Israel targeting displaced shelters with 2,000-pound bombs


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Horrific footage is unfolding of the Israeli massacre of displaced Palestinians, with 8 missiles targeting the displacement camp at a site in , despite Israel claiming it is "safe."

Civil Defense to Al Jazeera: We believe that the occupation army used internationally prohibited weapons to target the displaced in Rafah, judging by the size of the fires that erupted at the targeted site.

Video available on telegram: t.me/newsvideofa/2332

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@palestine @israel

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  • Two IDF Soldiers Killed in Gaza Operations, Total Casualties Reach 288
  • IDF Intensifies Rafah Campaign; ICJ Orders Halt to Civilian-Endangering Actions
  • Israeli High Court Halts Rabbinical Judge Appointments Amid Nepotism Allegations

Listen to the 05 PM update of Israel Today: Ongoing War Report here: https://widget.spreaker.com/player?show_id=5985229&theme=dark&playlist=false&playlist-continuous=false&chapters-image=true&episode_image_position=right&hide-logo=false&hide-likes=false&hide-comments=false&hide-sharing=false&hide-download=true
Click on the (i) for the full transcript and links to sources.

Listen and Subscribe on your favorite podcast app:

Podcast Details: https://www.spreaker.com/show/israel-today-ongoing-war-report
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Deadly clashes between Palestinian resistance and Israeli occupation forces are reported in eastern and central with 100sof thousands of innocent civilians stock in between.

is bombing Rafah from sea, air and ground while Palestinians fighting against heavily armed Israeli forces with riffles and RPGs.

People in Rafah haven't received any food since Israel took over Rafah crossing. All the water pipes except one have been cut off and almost half a million people living on 1/8th of what is the minimum amount needed for humans to survive.

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bombed a displaced persons camp after designating it a humanitarian area in . Reports of dozens of civilians killed.

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    Horrific scenes from the heinous massacre carried out by the IOF, targeting the tents of the displaced north of the city in a "safe" area.

    At least 27 martyrs have ascended, dozens are wounded, and rescue operations continue to this moment.

    Videos available on telegram: https://t.me/newsvideofa/2325

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    Auto translated from Arabic: 🚨 Emergency Committee in the Rafah Governorate:

    Dozens of martyrs and wounded in a massacre committed by the occupation targeting displaced people's tents in northwest Rafah despite claiming they were safe.

    This evening, Sunday, the "israeli" occupation committed a massacre by bombing the tents of displaced persons in northwest Rafah (Tal al-Sultan), resulting in dozens of martyrs and wounded, and causing fires in the tents.

    The Emergency Committee confirms that the "israeli" bombing targeted the tents of displaced persons in areas the occupation claimed were safe and had urged residents to move to.

    The massacre committed negates all the occupation's claims of safe areas in Rafah.

    Committing the massacre against displaced civilians reflects the "israeli" insistence on continuing the killing and destruction in Rafah, ignoring all international demands and decisions to stop the military operation and avoid harming civilians.

    The failure of the international community, led by the United States, to take any deterrent measures against the occupation and to ignore implementing the decisions of the International Court of Justice, serves as a green light for the occupation to continue its killing and destruction in Rafah, which is the last refuge for hundreds of thousands of displaced persons.

    We renew our call to the international community and active UN institutions to work seriously and effectively to force the occupation to comply with the decisions of the International Court of Justice and not to suffice with statements and recording positions. Otherwise, every delay will result in more victims.

    Emergency Committee
    May 26, 2024

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    There are multiple arguments from this vile scum i.e "journalist" from Atlantic.

    One of them is:

    You are not telling me the exact number of people Genocidal entity has massacred on industrial scale in addition to starving people to death.

    Unless a body comes to morgue (in a place where most of infrastructure, hospitals are blown to bits long back), unless someone within "formal" system sees a dead body & vouch for it, those who are murdered are really not dead.

    All those who are buried dead under their homes wont be counted because my latte standard of Harvard (where he studied) & Yale (where he indoctrinates) "evidence" is not met.

    While genocide is ongoing, while he is telling why children can be killed (at scale by implication) & apparently he care about "accuracy of numbers" for the dignity of dead.

    To justify that apartheid & genocidal society's crimes, he invented a hypothetical situation where entity's enemy is shooting at entity's goons by hiding behind a hypothetical child (by implication thousands of such children already murdered).

    People like him are not exception, but the rule when it comes to justifying ruling class's crimes. One must be a complete psycho (and preferably degrees from ruling class institutes) to be allowed unhindered access to propagandise society on behalf of dominating classes.

    Another of his complaint is genocidal entity's PR is not looking good. He makes a case as to why the entity should allow flunkies (embeds) like him should do PR for them, like how Empire had embeds who dutifully covered up most of Empire's genocidal industrial scale crimes in Iraq.

    Reward for his services would be access to power & opportunity to peddle his propaganda to society (using his "journalist" designation) & students (at Yale — a ruling class indoctrination factory).


    @palestine @israel

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    "Just as Israeli leaders knew they were committing war crimes in 1967, they know they are committing even grosser crimes against humanity now. And every western leader knows this too. They just don't want you to know."


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    Israel’s war on Gaza live news: Hamas armed wing fires rockets on Tel Aviv | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera

    • WATCH: Why is the West divided over Palestinian statehood?
    • Spanish minister slams ‘scandalous’ Israeli flamenco video
    • Patients in Gaza hospitals at risk amid shortage of fuel
    • Video shows massive destruction after Israeli strike on Jabalia


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    Hamas launches rocket attack on Tel Aviv for first time in months | Israel-Gaza war | The Guardian


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    “As we take our passport privileges and our bodies towards Gaza to break the blockade, we momentarily – as a Palestinian once told me – become part of the struggle.”

    ‘Freedom flotilla’: the Australians hoping to set sail and deliver aid to the people of Gaza



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    Today's daily blog from TRT World

    In the list:

    • Hamas' military wing fires rocket on Tel Aviv
    • Palestinian death toll from Israeli assault in Gaza nears 36,000
    • Qassam Brigades releases video of hostages killed in Israeli air strikes
    • Illegal Israeli settlers attack Palestinian village in northern West Bank


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    In 2024, the meaning of “pro-Israel, pro-peace” is macabre: J Street supports U.S. military aid to Israel as it carries out a genocide. Liberal American Zionism has revealed itself to only be a tool for the subjugation of the Palestinian people.


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    Martyr Izz al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades bombed Tel Aviv today, reportedly from per another of my news sources.

    The Mujahideen of Filisteen are undefeated.

    ما شاء الله


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    To all the bad opinions regarding #gaza aid trucks from people who have never driven a truck:

    Go to #Palestine and drive a truck through a #war zone, then report back.

    The problem is finding #truck #drivers willing to risk their lives as the trucks are attacked by mobs of civilians standing around in a live fire war zone.


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    Ansar Allah official Nasr al-Din Amer rejects the notion the Yemeni movement is simply a proxy for Iran and says its maritime blockade of Israel in the Red Sea is meant to lift the siege on Gaza and has the overwhelming support of the Yemeni people.


    @palestine @israel

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    Israel: Raketenangriff auf Großraum Tel Aviv

    Zum ersten Mal seit Januar hat es im Landesinneren von Israel Raketenalarm gegeben. Betroffen war unter anderem Tel Aviv. Abgefeuert wurden die Raketen offenbar in Rafah. Der militärische Arm der Hamas reklamierte den Angriff für sich.

    ➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/ausland/asien/raketenangriff-tel-aviv-100.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

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    Norway hands over papers for diplomatic recognition to the Palestinian prime minister

    Norway has handed over papers to the Palestinian prime minister in the latest step toward recognizing a Palestinian state.


    barney ,
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    A point that I wish journalists would mention:

    Norway is recognizing a Palestinian state under the Palestinian Authority (PA). The PA is not Hamas. The PA is at war against Hamas. So, this isn't rewarding terrorism. It's punishing terrorism.

    Biden has been leveraging US influence to strengthen the PA and undercut Hamas. If Trump regains power, that will end, and both Palestinians and Israelis will be condemned to generations of horrific violence.

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